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The elimination stage of the AIP is NOT meant to last forever, but how do you feel about the reintroduction process? Many find the thought of it completely overwhelming and some are afraid to move beyond eliminations because they’ve seen so many improvements in their health they don’t want to risk throwing anything off. It’s really important, however, that we not get stuck .. we need to keep moving forward on our healing journeys! Thankfully, now we can move forward with confidence thanks to the help of The Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction Cookbook – the first cookbook dedicated to the reintroduction phases of the AIP.

This amazing new book comes to us from trained chef, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and AIP Coach, Kate Jay of the AIP blog, Healing Family Eats. Kate is passionate about making sure our healing journey is delicious, nutrient dense and in her new cookbook as easy as possible, guiding us through the challenges of reintroductions step-by-step through each stage so that we don’t trigger an autoimmune flare. 

“My aim is to encourage and support you as you navigate the reintroduction phase of the AIP. The recipes have been developed with gentle reintroductions in mind, taking you through all four stages, with the ultimate goal of you finding your own unique template.” ~ Kate

While the focus of Kate’s latest cookbook is reintroductions, a large number of the recipes are easily adapted for those in the elimination stage, making it a wonderful, motivational handbook even if you’re just getting started on the AIP.

It’s a feast for the eyes, filled with beautiful photos and over 100 amazing recipes to tantalize your taste buds, each recipe indicating at a glance; which of the four reintroduction stages it’s suitable for, whether or not it can be made elimination stage compliant, if it’s coconut free or can be made that way, if it can be made low-FODMAP, and even if it’s freezer friendly.

Here are a handful of recipes I’m eyeing:

  • Cornish Pasty (elimination friendly)
  • Chocolate Sweet Potato Mud Cake (elimination friendly)
  • Windfall Country Mustard
  • Nightshade-Free Brown Sauce (elimination friendly)
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding (elimination friendly)
  • Mint Mayonnaise
  • Rum ‘N Raisin Stracciatella Ice Cream
  • Choc-Hazelnut Hummus
  • Fish Tacos with Watermelon Tomato Salsa (elimination friendly)
  • Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura (elimination friendly)

On top of all the amazing recipes, you get a guide to what the AIP is and what it isn’t, food lists, how to transition to the AIP, tips and best practices, troubleshooting advice for why the AIP might not be working for you, how and when to approach reintroductions, how to identify reactions, how to avoid flares and handle an unsuccessful reintroduction – it’s just what every AIPer needs.

Let The Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction Cookbook be your reassuring companion through every step of your AIP journey!
Grab your copy on Amazon:  USA / CANADA / UK

Not ready to jump into The Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction Cookbook just yet? Check out Kate’s mini elimination stage e-cookbook “Healing Eats – 25 Recipes to Heal the Gut While Soothing the Soul.”

Enter to win a copy of The Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction Cookbook

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ONE GRAND PRIZE will be awarded – 1 Print copy of the Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction Cookbook by Kate Jay

  • Contest open until end of day June 26th, 2021 (EST)
  • Winner will be announced and contacted by June 28th, 2021
  • This giveaway is sponsored by Kate Jay at Healing Family Eats
  • Prize package will be shipped by Kate or her publisher
  • This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram or Facebook
  • Void where prohibited

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By now you know that the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) is about much more than food, it’s a lifestyle, a shift to a healthy, holistic way of living which includes ditching the toxins from lives and using quality, non-toxic clean beauty products like Araza Natural Beauty.

For long as I can remember skin care has been an important part of daily life. My older sister suffers from a rare skin condition that she’s had from birth, so my mom was pretty proactive to make sure her three girls used quality skincare products.

Unfortunately, when it came to makeup, we were pretty much left to our own devices, and if we wanted to wear it we bought it ourselves. During my mid to late teen years and then into my 20’s and 30’s my skin got worse because I didn’t make good choices. I used low-quality, toxic, cheap makeup from the drug store and it became a vicious cycle of make-up, clean-up, cover-up, make-up and start all over again – every day! It makes me cringe to think about all of the garbage I slathered on my lips every day (the thinnest, most vulnerable skin on our bodies)!  Even before I started wearing makeup, I was all about the flavored, scented lip balms and gooey lip glosses.

For a LOT of years I was slowly poisoning my body. I wasn’t nourishing my skin from the outside or the inside. Cystic acne came cyclically – it was embarrassing and painful and I wish I had been in tune enough with my body to start looking into root causes back then, because going gluten and dairy free really turned things around for me.

Fast forward to when my health took a major crash and I finally got it through my head that I had to get serious about the toxins in my life!

Clean beauty products for me was a tougher aspect of the AIP to tackle. We keep to a pretty strict budget, so I’ve never been one to spend a lot of money on myself for frivolous things, and having never paid a lot for makeup it was a bit of a shock to see what quality costs. But, in the end I knew it had to be done – it’s important to address ALL the areas of the AIP lifestyle in order to see real results.

Unfortunately, not all clean beauty is created equal – some claim to be clean but aren’t, some measure up on the ingredient list but fall down on performance. Today I’m thrilled to share with you a product line that delivers on all fronts – meet Araza Natural Beauty, the World’s First Paleo Certified Makeup!

Araza makeup follows similar guidelines to that of the Paleo Diet, meaning it’s strictly tested and certified to be free from legumes, dairy, gluten, grains and anything artificial and harmful.

Araza products are crafted with healthy fats, organic plant-based ingredients, and minerals which work together to feed and nourish your skin. 

The Araza Fruit grows in the jungles of the Amazon and boasts some pretty impressive skin loving benefits; like reversing the visible signs of aging and boosting collagen production. It’s highly regarded for its nutraceutical properties like a high polyphenol, carotenoid and Vitamin C content.

Instead of conventional makeup ingredients, which contain everything from endocrine-disrupting chemicals to toxic pigments, Araza’s makeup line allows you to play with modern, fun color while feeding and nourishing your skin.

Araza ingredients are 100% natural, ethically sourced and most are Certified Organic and non-GMO.


A Special Offer!

As an Araza Ambassador, I’m pleased to provide you with an exclusive offer from my partners – woohoo! 

SAVE 15% off your first order
Coupon Code: AIP15 – click here to shop!



Product Performance:

I want to share my personal experience with just a few of Araza’s products, but first I want to tell you that you shouldn’t fret about choosing the right colors!

First of all, they offer fantastic sample sizes for purchase so you can properly test before committing to a full-size product. Secondly, I thrilled with the help Araza provided in selecting just the right shades for my skin tone. If you’re struggling to know which is best, reach out to Araza directly and leave it to the experts, they did a fantastic job and matched my skin precisely.  

Now … on to the review!

All In One Coconut Cream Foundation – I LOVE THIS STUFF! “It’s Skincare + Makeup. A light-weight foundation that offers sheer to medium 

coverage depending on application. Similar to a bb cream with slightly more coverage.” When I first received my order and looked at it I thought it was going to be heavy and oily and thought there was NO WAY it would stand up to a super active day or be enough coverage for me … I was wrong! It really is light-weight, it feels like you have no makeup on, it’s natural looking providing enough coverage without looking too “made-up,” and it lasts all day! 

Araza Beauty Ambassador 15% off

I’m not one for selfies, but here I am in my less than 5 min Araza face.

Primer + Finishing Translucent Clay Powder – Since I have had oily to combination skin all my life, I’ve always worn a liquid foundation PLUS a translucent finishing powder to set my foundation. Araza’s clay powder is very fine and very light in color, so it doesn’t work for me like my old products – but it’s even better! Since it’s a primer, I lightly dust my face with a tiny bit of it before I apply my All In One Coconut Cream Foundation. THEN, over my T-zone I very lightly apply a tiny amount of powder with a big fluffy brush, just as you’d powder your nose – this off-sets the lovely dewy appearance provided by the foundation and eliminates any look of shine – it’s perfect!

Fresh Mineral Cheek Color – While I was skeptical about this loose powder blush, I have to say it performs! In my old makeup I’d end up totally washed out by the end of day, but Araza’s fresh earth pigments look fresh and natural and the color stays. I was concerned about spilling the product, but it comes with a perfect little powder dispenser so you can shake the container to dispense a small amount into the container for your brush. 

Sweet Mint Healthy Lip Balm – Okay, what’s there to get excited about? … it’s just lip balm after all! Well, for me, I have developed an EXTREME sensitivity to products I put on my lips ever since I had a severe allergic reaction to lanolin of all things (yes, we’re talking swollen lips like the worst bo-tox job you’d ever seen) and then just about every lip balm since (even quality ones) have cause problems, so I was super excited to try Araza! I’m so happy to report that this lip balm is perfect for me … no issues at all! I love the sturdy lipstick style packaging that holds up better in pants pockets, the slight fragrance and smooth, not waxy or oily application. My lips thank you Araza!

Rejuvenating Coconut Lip Color – “A lip-smacking hybrid somewhere between a gloss and a lipstick ~ Creamy and never sticky!” Again … I LOVE THIS STUFF! I haven’t tried any darker colors yet so I can’t speak to how the deeper colors last (I tend to like a more muted shade on my lips as I’ve aged), but I’m all about the Sugar Poppy .. it’s the perfect, subtle peachy pink shade that wears more like a hydrating lip balm than a lipstick.

Citrus Illuminating Raw Beauty Oil – Having struggled with oily, blemish prone skin for many years I am always hesitant to use oils on my skin and have tended to lean toward moisturizing creams and lotions instead. That said, this girl turned the big five-oh last year and I’ve welcomed the addition of healing, nutritive oils like this one. This smells AMAZING, feeds and nourishes my skin and doesn’t block pores.

Araza Gives Back!

Not only are their products amazing, so are their hearts! ♥
Araza gives back by donating 1% of their profits to help victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence recover and heal via The Jonah Project.

They also give back to our environment by using sustainable packaging options and they offer a recycling program for 6 of their product types which are typically not recyclable. Learn more about Araza’s Recycling Program, what’s eligible and what you get in return when you send in your empty product containers – just click here

Don’t Forget Your Discount …

SAVE 15% off your first order with Coupon Code: AIP15 – click here to shop!

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If you’re a member of my private recipes group on Facebook, or if you’ve browsed around this website at all, you’ll know that I am not an advocate of public support groups for healthcare … and most certainly not for autoimmune disease. Sounds counterintuitive considering the Autoimmune Protocol itself emphasizes the need for connection and community, right?  Before we get into the SAD to AIP Support Program, allow me to explain.
My wish for you is that you find the BEST support available, a support system where you surround yourself with a reliable community that can provide you with the BEST, most reliable and accurate advice available. Sadly, for the most part that eliminates most if not all of the free health support groups you’ll find on social media today. 

Social Support Groups:

Having been dealing with my own autoimmune health issues for a number of years, I’ve joined many a group in the hope that I’d find the support, encouragement and information that I needed (and something I could recommend for my followers), only to be disappointed and shocked by the spread of misinformation and sometimes downright dangerous advice being offered. And, because they’re only being moderated by volunteers who for the most part are not experts in the field, things get out of hand far too fast. I won’t go on about it here, I’ll just say this – BEWARE – and REMEMBER – autoimmune disease and the approach we take is extremely personalized! No one disease is treated exactly the same in two people and it’s counterproductive to compare our situation with anyone else’s. 

Invest In Your Health:

The BEST advice I can give you is to INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH! Find a support system that you know is accurate and reliable and monitored by professionals. For some, that may be a support program like we’re about to discuss, for others it may just be an amazing medical team that you’re in touch with regularly. The bottom line – I don’t want to see you wasting months or even years of your time following bad advice when you could be on your way to proper healing simply by assembling the best health support team possible.
If you’re interested in learning more about various option for support, please check out my post – “Where Can I Find Support” and my “Coaching” page, but if you’re ever stuck, please reach out to me using the contact page and I’ll help point you in the right direction.

SAD to AIP in SIX:SAD to AIP in SIX - - Angie Alt, nutritional therapy practitioner, certified health coach

Today, we’re here to talk about one of the best AIP support programs – SAD to AIP in SIX – a six-week program created and directed by Angie Alt, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified Health Coach, to help you gently transition from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) in six weeks.
More about the program:
  • SAD to AIP in SIX was used in a medical study in 2016, and 73% of study participants achieved clinical remission.
  • Each week is a gradual process of removing the bad and introducing the good.
  • Every detail of the diet and lifestyle changes are covered in the program.
  • You’ll be expertly guided by trained, certified coaches, who have used AIP themselves to heal.
  • You’ll be surrounded by an encouraging, small group of peers going through the same process with you.
  • It all happens at a manageable pace in a completely private and very supportive on-line group where the details and organization for empowerment are baked right into the experience.

Who is the program for:

  • If you’re newly diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and feeling overwhelmed at the thought of making diet and lifestyle changes, this is a beautiful program for you.
  • If you’ve tried to do the AIP before but couldn’t manage to make it stick, this program will help you get a handle on things, make you accountable, provide the loving support you need and help you make sustainable change.
  • If you’ve done the AIP before and felt amazing and want to get started again with a group of loving individuals by your side, these folks have your back.
  • If you want to take your health back and feel empowered and supported doing it, this is the place for you.

Not Sure if SAD to AIP in SIX is for you?

Since I get asked a lot by members in my Facebook group if the program is worth it, I offer the following to help remove any hesitation:
  1. The cost of this program is often less than a single visit with a nutritional therapy practitioner or health coach. 
  2. There are six weeks in this program, that’s 1,008 hours. There are coaches in strategic time zones, enabling nearly 24/7 support. Just three 1-hour sessions of individual health coaching is normally around $450, but you get 1,008 hours for less than that! The group setting offers you additional peer support. And we aren’t even touching on the weekly materials and other freebies!
  3. The value of the education, downloads, support and accountability is priceless.
  4. Other members highly recommend the program (see testimonials below) and some have even enrolled more than once!  
I’m also pleased to bring you this replay from when Angie Alt and 3 of her past members joined me for a LIVE Q&A  to tell us more about what we can expect from the program and to answer some questions from our own members.
Once you’ve watched the replay, visit the program website and you’ll find more FAQ’s answered, complete details about what you’ll receive, what you’ll learn, the investment, current coupon code and when each new program cycle will begin.
NOTE: Group space is limited, so be sure to sign up early so you don’t miss out.


The following are from members in my own private Facebook Recipes Group. More testimonials are included on the official website above and in the video replay.
BF Wrote:
Angie is very experienced and has a depth of knowledge to support anyone. We were about 20 people (maybe 30?) in my SADtoAIP group and she was totally competent with everyone, with nice personal attention. From total beginners to people who had already done AIP. She has guests too that do bring even more experience and inspiration. Highly recommended program.
SB Wrote: 

I just finished the program. I found it to be very well done, comprehensive and supportive. I really committed to it, and it truly helped walk me through the process of elimination. Honestly, I’m not sure I could have been as consistent or as nutrient oriented without it.

LG Wrote: 

I was skeptical if the program would be “right for me” since I was already knowledgeable about AIP and had done it before on my own. I joined with the primary goal of getting “back on the wagon” with outside accountability, but got SO much more than that! The guided, phased approach of transitioning to AIP helps you build lasting habits and mindsets, versus going cold-turkey which relies purely on motivation (which eventually runs out). The social/community aspect provides much needed support and encouragement that is often missing from friends/family when going AIP alone. Would highly recommend!

SM Wrote:

SAD to AIP in 6 is invaluable for people who really want to get a firm foundation in the protocol. It offers the structure we all need, scientific articles, inspiration, and warm encouragement. It keeps you company on the journey. Do it!

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Missing flavor since you started your AIP journey? This Tandoori Shrimp and Kale Bowl from the new cookbook “AIP Indian Fusion” by Indira Pulliadath will give you a tiny taste of the big flavors that are completely accessible on our healing journey … in spite of what most people believe to be a terribly restrictive diet.

When it comes to the mindset of restriction and the AIP, I tend to roll my eyes a little bit because I honestly feel I’ve added far more than I’ve removed from my diet since starting the AIP! The bottom line is we need to think outside the box, try new things and get a little creative.

Speaking of creativity, Indira has completely blown me away with her creative use of AIP elimination stage compliant ingredients, and her new cookbook is proof that we can still enjoy the delicious depth of flavorful cultural foods while on the Autoimmune Protocol.

Indira has generously allowed me to share her recipe for the Tandoori Shrimp and Kale Bowl with you as a teaser to her cookbook – thank you Indira! (The image pictured is my attempt at the dish and looks a little different than that in the cookbook – I made lots more greens, caulirice and sauce, used green onions and Asian greens instead of kale since that’s what I had on hand.)

More about AIP Indian Fusion:

AIP Indian Fusion Cookbook - aiprecipecolleciton.comAIP Indian Fusion is a collection of fantastic and flavorful, ‘Indian inspired’ recipes that comply with the elimination phase of the Autoimmune Protocol. 

  • Includes 114 allergen friendly recipes with no grains, legumes, eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds, nightshades or soy. 

  • Includes flavorful and colorful recipes (with full-page photos for every recipe) that will entice you to start AIP and stay on it!

  • Includes recipes for 8 flatbreads.

  • Includes reintroduction suggestions for many recipes, because the AIP elimination stage is not forever!

  • Includes both simple and practical everyday recipes as well as more in-depth meals. 

  • Includes 4 weekly meal plans as well as menus for special occasions.

Tandoori Chicken Pizza… Green Chutney Baked Fish… Butter Chicken… Fried Calamari… Fish Tikka Masala… Kheema Samosas… Naan… Mango Pie… Saffron Ice Cream and so much more! 

All of the recipes have an Indian element but the recipes are greatly influenced by other international dishes/cuisines too making this cookbook globally attractive!

Whether you are new to AIP or have tried AIP before, this 296 pages cookbook with full page color photographs for every recipe, will make AIP more enjoyable and exciting for you!

Learn more about this amazing cookbook, see the full recipe index and get your copy in print or as an e-book – just click here.

Shop AIP - AIP Pantry Items and More

Tandoori Shrimp & Kale Bowl - AIP Indian Fusion Cookbook

Tandoori Shrimp and Kale Bowl

Yield: 1 - 2 Servings

♥ RECIPE BY Indira Pulliadath & IMAGE BY: ♥ This TEASER for Indira's AIP Indian Fusion Cookbook will have you convinced in one bowl that you don't have to give up fantastic flavor on your healing journey!


Tandoori Shrimp:

  • 8-10 medium size uncooked shrimp (or 6-8 large), peeled and deveined
  • 1/8 tsp sea salt
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric
  • 1 tsp ginger garlic paste (recipe available on page 220 of the cookbook - if you don't have it, use 1/2 tsp fresh grated ginger, 1/2 tsp fresh crushed garlic and 1/4 tsp olive oil well blended )
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil or avocado oil
  • 1 cup chopped kale leaves

Cauliflower Coconut Rice:

  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 cinnamon stick (1 inch long)
  • 1 1/2 cups cauliflower rice (frozen or fresh)
  • pinch salt
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 tbsp shredded coconut

For the Raita Sauce

Optional Veggies/Toppings for the Bowl:

  • Boiled / roasted beets, chopped
  • Thinly sliced red onions


    1. FOR THE SHRIMP: After thawing the shrimp, dab it with paper
      towels to remove all excess moisture and place in a mixing bowl. Add the turmeric, salt and the ginger garlic paste and mix with your hands to coat uniformly. Let sit for 5-10 minutes.

      Meanwhile heat a stainless steel or cast iron skillet and add the coconut oil. When hot, add the shrimp to it and cook on medium heat for about 2 minutes. Flip and cook again for 1 more minute. Then add the kale leaves and sauté together with the shrimp for 1 minute. Transfer to everything to a dish. Keep covered.
      Heat a sauce pan and add the coconut oil. When the oil gets hot, add the bay leaf and the cinnamon stick. Then add the cauliflower rice and salt. Add the water and cover and cook
      for about 5-7 minutes or until all the water is evaporated and the caulirice is soft. Add the shredded coconut and mix. Keep aside.
      Blend all ingredients for the sauce in a food processor until you get a creamy sauce. If the sauce is too watery, add some more coconut cream and blend again.
      Take a large size bowl and place the ‘caulirice’ in the bowl. Then place the shrimp and Kale over it. Place the other veggies (if adding) in the bowl too. Drizzle the raita sauce over the shrimp and the ‘rice’.

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Let’s face it … as AIPers, we’re HARD to buy for! Since that’s the case, I’ve put this AIP Gift Guide together as an easy resource for your friends and family … and for YOU … so you can easily find lots of amazing AIP compliant products, resources and even shops and food services dedicated to the AIP to help support you on your healing journey. 

I’ve done my best to set things up in categories – Subscriptions, Books & Cookbooks, Educational Gifts, Food & Snacks, AIP Lifestyle and of course my Personal Picks! 

Happy Shopping! ♥

REAL PLANS Meal Planning App – This app is perfect for pretty much any diet (you can read my full review on it here) but it’s completely customizable and totally geared to those on the AIP! You can even tweak it further for additional food sensitivities and nutritional requirements – it truly makes life on the AIP easier! Give a monthly, quarterly or annual gift subscription for as low as $6/month.

SIMPLY AIP Subscription Box – This unique self-care subscription box is filled with AIP snacks, treats recipes and coupons and a self-care item in every box. Ships Worldwide!
Send a one-time gift for just $39 plus shipping or a subscription for three, six or twelve months (the more you send, the more you save).
Gift Certificates Available!
SUBSCRIBE HERE or SHOP PAST BOXES AND ITEMS and SAVE $5 off your first box with Coupon Code: AIPDIET

ButcherBOX Meat Subscription – The most popular meat subscription in the USA for high quality meat you can trust; 100% grass-fed and pasture raised beef, free-range organic chicken, heritage breed pork, and wild caught Alaskan salmon directly to your door. Their generous offers for free-lifetime or one-time bonuses have people raving even more (click the link below to subscribe and the main page will reveal the current offer! They’re a no-hassles, no strings attached subscription – you can cancel at any time.

truLOCAL Meat Subscription & Gift Boxes! – A simple monthly meat delivery service with customizable plans that are commitment-free, so you can skip, pause, or cancel at any time – no strings attached!  TRULY LOCALLY Sourced Meat! That means you’re supporting YOUR LOCAL farmers! Orders shipped to Canadian Customers are from Canadian Farmers and Orders shipped to US Customers are from Farmers IN THE USA!
BONUS – they also offer one-time gift boxes at various times throughout the year – just watch for availability in the top menu of their website.
SUBSCRIBE HERE and choose your offer – Save 10% with Coupon Code: AIPRECIPES10 – or – Receive 6 or 4 FREE Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts in your first TWO boxes!! (In Regular Size Box Orders – 6 / In Small Size Box Orders – 4) with Coupon Code: AIPRECIPES

Starting out on the AIP, many people turn to the internet for some quick resources, but there are plenty who prefer something tangible to hold in their hands or an e-book to download so everything they need is in one place.

I’ve also have many tell me that due to their autoimmune disease they find it terribly difficult to spend hours on the computer, phone or table reading e-books and they prefer a printed resource they can bookmark and highlight.

No matter what you prefer, I’ve compiled a round-up of AIP and general health resources that I either personally own or that have been recommended by our AIP Recipe Collection members and the AIP Community. Check out the selection of recommended books and cookbooks in my resources section – just click here and scroll down to Good Reads & Cookbooks.

If you’re looking for the main educational resources as you start out on the autoimmune protocol, I encourage you to consider the following investments – I can’t think of a better gift for anyone who truly wants to find success on the Autoimmune Protocol.

  • The Autoimmune Protocol e-book by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne – Just $19.99
  • The AIP Lecture Series – An amazing online, self-guided 6-week video course with forum support and guidance from Dr. Ballantyne. Program is offered a limited number of times each year. 
  • SAD to AIP in Six – Transition gradually to the AIP with this 6-week course led by a team of Certified AIP Coaches in a small, private online group setting. Program is offered a limited number of times each year. 
  • The Autoimmune Institute – An online membership plan presented by the Functional Medicine Practitioner who helped me find my root causes and path to healing. Learn more on my coaching page – click here.

SHOP AIP – Your go-to shop for the AIP – Shop with confidence knowing someone else has read the label! Everything is clearly marked as compliant for the elimination stage or each phase of reintroductions. You’ll find lots of great sweets and treats, broths, protein snacks, pantry items and even personal care products. Gift Certificates Available!
CLICK HERE TO SHOP:  And Save 10% Off Your First Order with Coupon Code: AIPRecipe

PALEO ON THE GO – On the AIP we have to prep and cook almost everything meal that we eat – it’s exhausting! That’s what makes the gift of Paleo on the Go the PERFECT GIFT! Give your loved one (or yourself) a break by having real Chef-Made, AIP Compliant Meals, Sides and Treats Delivered to the door! Order a one-time gift and pick and choose your loved one’s favorites or try one of the curated savings bundles for your convenience. Subscriptions are available and if you’re unsure what to choose, gift cards are available too!
CLICK HERE TO SHOP: and Save $15 Off Your First Order with Coupon Code
: AIPRecipes

WILD ZORA  – Delicious AIP options – meat and veggie bars, freeze-dried stews and soups, dehydrated real fruit snacks, hot cereal and even convenient raw honey sticks! They have lots of bulk offerings as well and even an AIP gift box! Perfect for every day snacking, travel, brown bagging, hiking, camping and emergencies! Just click “shop” and then “AIP Compliant.” Gift Cards Available too!
CLICK HERE TO SHOP: And save 15% Off Every Order with Coupon Code: AIP15

LOVEBIRD AIP CEREAL – The first AIP cereal with the look and crunch of a traditional cereal, and a great cause attached – every purchase helps support pediatric cancer research
CLICK HERE TO SHOP: And Save 10% Off Every Order with Coupon Code: AIP10

SIP HERBALS – The BEST Coffee Substitute we’ve ever tasted!
CLICK HERE TO SHOP: And Save 10% Off Every Order with Coupon Code: AIP10

PIQUE TEA – Top Quality Toxin Free Tea! Be sure to avoid adaptogenic blends during the elimination stage of the AIP – stick to the herbal tea blends, Matcha or Turmeric. If you’re unsure which to choose, try a Pique gift card instead!
CLICK HERE TO SHOP: And Save 5% Off Every Order with Coupon Code: AIP5 

EAT G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R. – Delicious and Convenient AIP Elimination Stage Compliant Cookie & Cake Mixes that you can use in a variety of ways. Gift Cards Available too!
CLICK HERE TO SHOP: And Save 10% Off Every Order! Code should apply automatically at check out, but if not simply enter Coupon Code: AIPRECIPECOLLECTION

SWEET APRICITY – Decadent AIP Compliant Caramels, Marshmallows and Caramel Sauce- be sure to shop the AIP offerings or give a gift card if you’re unsure!
CLICK HERE TO SHOP: And save 10% Off Every Order with Coupon Code: AIPCOLLECTION

SWEETPOTATO AWESOME – Truly awesome AIP snacks with simplest ingredients! Try the AIP Sampler Pack or use it as a guide to help you select the AIP compliant products and just order your favorites!
CLICK HERE TO SHOP: And Save 10% Off Every Order with Coupon Code: AIPRECIPES

PALEO ANGEL POWER BALLS – Delicious AIP Cookies – be sure to shop the AIP offerings or give a gift card if you’re unsure! Save 10% when you subscribe to the Power Baller Club. Gift Cards Available!

SERENITY KIDS FOODS – These shelf-stable BPA-free pouches of baby and toddler foods are perfect for EVERY AIPer! You can read more about why I personally use these products for myself in my blog post – click here – they’re so convenient and delicious too!
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CASA DE SANTE – This shop specializes in low FODMAP products for those with specific digestive senstitivies. There isn’t a huge array of products that are completely elimination stage compliant but there are some convenient options – just choose to shop by the AIP diet.

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I’m really excited to introduce you to an awesome product – Serenity Kids – nutrient dense baby food pouches that are AIP elimination stage compliant (with the exception of a couple of flavors). Now, if you know me, you know I don’t have kids … so you might be wondering why am I so enthusiastic about this product!?
First of all, I’ll tell you I keep referring to them as Serenity FOODS instead of Serenity KIDS, because while they were initially created for babies and kids, they’re actually suitable for EVERYONE! I’ll tell you more about that, including why Serenity and these adorable food pouches resonate with me personally (keep reading to find out) … but first let me share a little about the Serenity Kids and their line up of products!
  • Nutrient Dense, Simple Ingredients
  • Ethically Sourced Pastured Meats
  • Sustainable Organic, Non-GMO Vegetables
  • Healthy Fats
  • NEW Line with Gut Friendly Bone Broth! (turmeric chicken is elimination stage – others are reintros)
  • Low, Low Sugar Content
  • AIP Compliant (only a couple of their flavors are not elimination stage compliant)
  • Shelf-stable BPA-Free Pouches (recyclable lids and a free RECYCLABLE POUCH PROGRAM since most city recycling programs don’t accept them)
  • Winners of the Clean Label Project Purity Award – Kind of a BIG deal!
  • In addition to making babies healthier, they’re committed to leaving them a healthier planet

Serenity Kids Product Review, Serenity Kids Organic Baby Food, Paleo, AIP,

Learn More About Serenity:

I encourage you to take a moment to visit their website where you’ll quickly learn about the nutrition behind their products, where they source their ingredients, their environmentally focused mission and how they’re giving back.

Special Offer!


Why Serenity “Kids” is for Everyone!

First of all, they’re an extremely convenient way to carry a healthy, nutrient dense snack with you (they’re meant to be consumed at room temperature but you could warm them a little by immersing the pouch in a cup of hot water if you prefer). 
For adults – Really? Yes – absolutely! Check out the nutritional value on these products … their simple ingredients make them perfect for AIPers (think grab-n-go breakfast, snacks, if you’re in hospital or dealing with medical procedures), backpacking, camping, road-tripping, camping and get this – even dogs can use ’em (my dog eats a whole food, homemade diet and would wrestle me for these)! And, since they’re shelf-stable for up to 18 months, you can easily stock up so you have them on hand when you need them.

Why Serenity Resonates With Me

When I first started researching Serenity I was extremely excited by the possibilities for adults! Why? Because the first autoimmune disorder I was diagnosed with was Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis (EGE/EGID) – a rare inflammatory disease that effects the entire digestive system, starting at the esophagus all the way through the colon and intestines. (A similar condition, Eosinophilic Esophagitis or EOE for short, a disease of the esophagus also exists and is most often diagnosed in children.)
What’s so scary about EGE/EGID/EOE?  1) You very often can’t swallow food without extreme pain, panic or choking which can lead to extreme food fears, 2) This often leads to extreme malnutrition and/or is accompanied by nutrient absorption issues, and 3) Traditional medical treatment protocols include liquid steroid concoctions and can involve horrific liquid or elemental diets containing synthetic vitamins or in some cases tube feeding!
After being hospitalized a number of times and finally receiving my diagnosis I was completely depleted. I had ZERO energy to prepare foods and was extremely malnourished (massive hair loss, all of my fingernails and toenails fell off, an abrupt 40lb weight loss, incredible rashes and more). The smell of food prep created extreme nausea and vomiting and the stress and anxiety of simply sitting down to try to eat brought me to tears before I even began. I soooo wish I’d known about Serenity Foods back then – it definitely would have made life a lot easier.
I’m thrilled to say that the AIP has helped improve my condition tremendously, and I’m no longer in a position to need a product like this for meals, but I will tell you that these are amazing to keep on hand when you’re needing a nutritious snack on the go. They’re perfectly tasty at room temperature, but I personally prefer them heated – simply immerse a pouch in a cup of hot water for a few minutes and you’re good to go.
Before I wrap up, I want to suggest one final demographic that also resonates with me for this product – the elderly. All too often older ones fall into the horrible belief that meal replacement shakes are great, fast options to give them all the nutrients they need when they’re too tired or don’t feel like cooking for themselves … because after-all the labels tout how many “wonderful” vitamins they contain and the doctors recommend them! YIKES! I won’t get into the details about these products, but rest-assured that we did a TON of research on them and their contents when the doctors handed me my diagnosis and a six-pack of these things and tried to tell me that I might have to rely heavily on them. (If you don’t believe me about these meal replacement shakes, feel free to do a little digging on the internet about them if you like – and read this cancer patient’s blog, it’s staggering and will stick with you.) Now, I’m not recommending that Serenity Kids is going to replace every-day adult meals, but they can certainly be used in confidently as nutrient-dense snacks or the occasional meal replacement.
Disclaimer: Serenity Kids was kind enough to provide me with samples of their product. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This post contains affiliate links.  Click here to see what that means.

AIP baking is a tricking thing, and even more of an exact science than regular baking, so you’ll have heard me say many times in the the AIP Recipe Collection Facebook Group that I do NOT recommend substitutions in AIP baking! You can read more on the topic in my article Substitutions in AIP Cooking & Baking) so you understand why this is so important.

That said, many AIP recipes call for gelatin or agar agar powder or gelatin eggs, or if you’ve found a paleo recipe it may call for a flax or chia egg!  All of this can be quite confusing, especially since some of them require that you make a gelatin egg separately and others just have you adding gelatin to the mix.

So, what’s the breaking news on AIP egg replacements (see what I did there)? And, can’t I just use the egg replacements available at the grocery store? Here are the answers you’ve been looking for!

The Purpose of Eggs in Baking

Eggs are used for several reasons in baking; binding (holding things together like meatloaf and meatballs – this is the job of the whites), leavening (rising and creating a light fluffy texture – this is the job of the yolk), for moisture and also for flavor and appearance (often aids in browning).

Can we cook and bake with out them? Absolutely! 

Will the replacements yield perfect results? No – unfortunately there is nothing that will ever perfectly replace an egg! BUT we can get pretty darn deliciously close! 

Things to consider:

Binding – You’ll find that most meatloaf and meatball recipes work perfectly well without eggs, or maybe you just need to add a little mashed veg in as an alternate binder. 

Leavening – You’ll find many AIP baking recipes call for cream of tartar – this is a leavening agent and should never be omitted from a recipe just because you don’t have it – the results will literally be a flop.

Moisture & Appearance – Most AIP recipes make up for eggs in other ways, and recipe creators go to great lengths to ensure the the dishes they’re presenting look and taste as close to traditional recipes as possible – so don’t mess with a good thing – follow the AIP recipes folks!  If you haven’t checked out the post I suggested, here it is again – Substitutions in AIP Cooking & Baking.

Commercial Egg Replacements

Let’s start here since this would be considered the path of least resistance and most enticing for some.

The reason why we don’t use these is the ingredients -most contain grain potato starch, corn starch, guar gum and the like. So, sorry folks, this option just doesn’t work.

Apple Sauce, Mashed Bananas, Pumpkin & Avocado

Next we’ll move on to old, traditional favorite substitutions that our mothers and grandmothers would have used. In general I don’t see a lot of AIP baked opting for these substitutes now-a-days – most AIP recipe creators have moved on to something a little more shall we say, egg-like! However, before we go there …

Mashed fruits like bananas and avocado, apple sauce and pumpkin/squash puree can often be a good substitute for an egg in recipe. It’s really very subjective though and you must decide on a recipe by recipe basis what is most suitable.  Overall however, these options work best in cakes, muffins and brownies.

Whichever of these options you choose to use, you can replace each egg with 1/4 cup (65 grams) of purée.

Baked goods made with puréed fruits may not brown as deeply, but they will be very dense and moist.

Be aware that banana will obviously give you more of a banana flavor, so if you want something neutral – try some of the others instead

Agar-Agar & Gelatin

Before we dive in, I will tell you that while neither of these replacements should affect the flavor of your finished product, they may create a slightly stiffer texture. Unfortunately, nothing can replicate the egg exactly.


Gelatin eggs are probably the most commonly suggested egg substitute that you’ll see in recipes. If you’ve made one before, you’ll know why – it’s very close to the texture and viscosity of egg whites. Neither of these replacements should affect the flavor of your finished product, but they may create a slightly stiffer texture.

When it comes to gelatin, quality matters (sorry guys – Knox Gelatine is out as it’s highly processed and not from well cared for animals) – be sure to use gelatin made from grass-fed / pasture-raised animals (pigs – called porcine gelatin and/or cows – called beef gelatin – you can find quality gelatin brands here or in our Amazon storefronts – go here and follow the link for either USA, Canada or the UK). 


While there are several ways to make a gelatin egg, this is my favorite and it’s never failed me yet!

1 Tbsp Gelatin
1/4 Cup Water
Add water to a small pot and sprinkle the gelatin over top.
Allow to sit for 2-3 minutes until the mixture hardens somewhat.
Place the post on a burner set to low heat for 1-2 minutes until the gelatin starts to melt. Be careful not to burn it! I usually stand by and start immediately whisking it.
Remove the pot from the heat and vigorously whisk until the mixture becomes frothy.


To replace one egg, dissolve 1 tablespoon (about 9 grams) of unflavored gelatin in 1 tablespoon (15 grams) of cold water. Then, mix in 2 tablespoons (30 grams) of boiling water until frothy.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE on gelatin: Just because you see a recipe calls for gelatin, it does not mean you will necessarily mean that you will go through the process of making a gelatin egg separately before adding it to the recipe. Follow the instructions as set out in the recipe you’re using for best results. IF the recipe indicates you are using gelatin and water to make a gelatin egg, follow those directions carefully as there are different ways to make a gelatin egg and the specific method recommended may yield better results in that particular recipe.

Agar Agar

If you’re avoiding animal products (though on the AIP you really shouldn’t be – read my article about that – Can the AIP Be Done As a Vegetarian?), you can opt for agar-agar powder or flakes. Agar agar is a vegan alternative to gelatin and is made from a type of seaweed or algae – you can find it here.

I’ve seen different suggestions for how to make an agar agar egg, so you’re going to be best to follow the instructions carefully in any recipe that you find if it calls for agar agar. Again, similar to gelatin, each recipe creator may have very specific reasons for using more or less water in the mix.

That said, here is the information I’ve found for you about making an agar agar egg!


Dissolve 1 teaspoon (approximately 4 grams) of agar-agar powder in 1 tablespoon of water to replace one egg.
To dissolve, first sprinkle the powder over the liquid, allow to rest for 5 minutes and then warm to 90 C over medium heat on the stove top.
Using a whisk, whip the agar mixture well to help dissolve, then refrigerate for 15 minutes and whip again. Add the agar to the baking mixture as the last ingredient and mix to just combine, do not overwork the mixture.


Use 1 tablespoon (9 grams) of agar-agar powder mixed with 1 tablespoon (15 grams) of water to replace one egg.
NOTE: If you have agar-agar flakes, be sure to grind them into a fine powder first as this will make a difference.

Vinegar & Baking Soda

I haven’t seen this one used all that much in AIP baking, but have heard of some using it successfully.

When mixed together, vinegar and baking soda start a chemical reaction that produces carbon dioxide and water, which makes baked goods light and airy, making this an especially good option for cakes and cupcakes.

Mixing 1 teaspoon (7 grams) of baking soda with 1 tablespoon (15 grams) of apple cider vinegar can replace one egg in most recipes.

Arrowroot Powder

I’ll admit to never having heard of this used as a specific egg replacement, but it very likely is that our AIP recipes employe these ingredients without us even realizing it!  I can’t say this would be my go-to of choices by any means if I were simply trying to substitute an egg in any recipe. 

A mixture of 2 tablespoons (about 18 grams) of arrowroot powder and 3 tablespoons (45 grams) of water can be used to replace one egg.

Carbonated Water

Carbonated water will obviously add moisture to a recipe, but it also acts as a leavening agent since the carbonation traps air bubbles, which help make the finished product light and fluffy.

You can replace each egg with one-fourth cup (60 grams) of carbonated water and the substitution is said to works well for cakes, cupcakes and quick breads. Again – I suggest sticking to AIP expert tested/created recipes rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.

Flax & Chia Eggs

While these are a wonderful Paleo option in baking going forward, if you’re on the AIP and still in the elimination stage, this option simply isn’t suitable for you.

BUT, if you’ve reintroduced these, here’s how to make them:

To replace one egg, whisk together 1 tablespoon (7 grams) of ground chia or flaxseeds with 3 tablespoons (45 grams) of water until fully absorbed and thickened.

Doing so may cause baked goods to become heavy and dense. Also, it may result in a nuttier flavor, so it works best in products like pancakes, waffles, muffins, breads and cookies.

Resource: Healthline – Effective Substitutes for Eggs




This post contains affiliate links.  Click here to see what that means.

When you’re on the AIP you’re likely doing a lot more cooking than usual. You’re probably batch cooking, and meal prepping for the freezer, but what’s the best way to store all of this delicious food? Does it matter what we use? Need the 4-1-1 on food storage basics? You’ve come to the right place!

Since we’re trying to live a toxin-free life on the AIP to give our bodies the fighting chance they need to heal, it’s a good idea to consider what you’re using for food storage. There are a lot of opinions out there about plastics, BPA-Free options, silicone and more (read more about why we should avoid plastics here). For me, I kick it old school as much as possible – zero waste, sustainable living, lovable, reusable glass! 

Since I get asked a LOT about food storage, and especially about how to safely use glass jars in the freezer, that is the main focus of this article – I hope it helps!

Planning Tips:

The first pointer that I’m going to offer is a bit of a warning – batch cooking can be exhausting – especially in the beginning when you’re really not feeling well, so try to pick a day when you’re feeling up to it. Better yet have a friend or family member jump in to help you tag-team it. And it doesn’t have to be all about you – you can work together to create a bunch of delicious options so that they go home with food to stock their fridge and freezer too. Many hands make light work.

My second pointer – don’t go overboard if you don’t have the space to store it all! I’ve done this before when I was feeling super ambitious, I cooked way more than I needed for a week or two and found my fridge stuffed to the brim and I didn’t really want to store much of what I’d made in the freezer because it wasn’t all that freezer friendly. So, evaluate the space you have and choose recipes to prep according to where and how you plan to store it.

The third pointer is to have your containers ready! There’s nothing worse than batch cooking and then scrambling to find suitable food storage to put it all in. Plan ahead for this. If you’ve never batch cooked before you might need to consider investing in some quality meal containers. Glass if obviously the gold standard, safest method for storing food, and there are some awesome options on the market these days that make prepping a breeze (check out some of my faves in my shopping resources – click here). If you can’t afford to buy new containers, save up any glass jars you have from store-bought items or check a local thrift store, I know our family donates a lot of glass mason jars when we simply get overwhelmed by the amount we have on hand. If you’re lucky enough to score some of those, your investment will be minimal in that you’ll just need to buy some new lids.

Zero Waste Storage Containers Freezer Storage AIP

Practical Tips – Glass Jars #1:

Super … You’re all set! 

Now, you may have heard horror stories of using glass jars in the freezer, am I right? I had heard stories too, but was always fortunate enough not to have any issues … leave enough space at the top of the jar for expansion and you’re good to go! Well …. not always! Even if you manage to freeze them without breaking, they can still break during thawing.

Eventually, my luck ran out. When I started freezing bone broth I ran into troubles and there were tears shed over bone broth lost. I attribute some of my issues to using inappropriate jars and the fact that my upright freezer has coils in the shelves … so I’ve gotten a little smarter about all this.

For me, I’m usually just freezing liquids in jars – sauces, soup, broth, stew and maybe shepherd’s pie. Freezing liquids can be tricky, so here are a few practical tips:

  1. The Jar – the wider the jar the better. Try to avoid tall skinny jars, and if possible use wide-mouth jars without “shoulders” (that just means that the jar is straight from bottom to top and it does not get smaller as it approaches the opening).
  2. Filling The Jar – only fill it 3/4 of the way full or less to ensure you allow plenty of room for expansion as the contents freeze and expand.
  3. Position – always freeze jars standing up.
  4. Freezer Considerations – if you have an upright freezer with freezer coils in the shelves, consider placing your jars in a shallow plastic container until they have frozen successfully. I started doing this just in case they broke so there would be something to catch the liquid, but in actual fact I think the barrier between the glass and the coils made a difference.
  5. Temperature – ALWAYS ensure your liquid is completely cooled before attempting to freeze. Some say allowing them to come to room temperature is sufficient, but I usually err on the side of caution and refrigerate them first until completely cold.
  6. Thawing – NEVER try to thaw quickly! SLOW and STEADY wins this race! Ideally you should remove your frozen jar to the refrigerator for a few hours – NEVER place jars straight from the freezer into hot water – breakage is almost guaranteed!  Plan ahead and thaw slowing in the fridge and then the counter top – that’s your best bet.

Practical Tips – Glass Jars #2:

AIP Food storage, glass jar, pesto

My favorite wide mouth jars with frozen pesto cubes!

Another way to use glass jars for freezer storage is to first pre-freeze your liquids in ice cube trays or silicone trays that hold more. Once your liquids are frozen you pop them out of the trays and into glass jars and you should have no problem putting your jars straight in the freezer.

This method is great for freezing things like pesto, sauces and bone broth since it allows you to easily portion out what you need instead of having to thaw a whole jar of food. Think about the number of times you need a cup of broth or a few tablespoons of sauce! Dispensing a few cubes from a jar also allows you to thaw them more quickly in a safe container or by popping them right into the dish you’re cooking.

Glass Storage Containers:

There are plenty of larger, shallow options for storing all kinds of food available these days. There are even containers that have sections so you can portion out a complete meal but keep items separate. Containers like this are great for meal prepping and are typically thicker and more sturdy than a glass jar. While you should still proceed with caution when freezing and thawing these containers, you’ll likely have fewer concerns since you’ll probably not be storing liquids but rather solid food and there will be lots of air gaps for expansion. Follow the directions that come with your containers and you should be just fine!

How Long Is My Food Safe & How Should I Store It?

Since you know I’m not one for re-writing well presented material, I’m simply going to direct you to this article by Autoimmune Wellness AIP Food Storage Basics – these tips will help you figure out how long food should stay fresh and safe and where you should store it. Because, let’s face it, on the AIP we don’t want to waste any precious ingredients – I know a lot of us are on a budget! 

For more about managing the AIP on a Budget, read my post here.

From time to time the topic of essential oils comes up in the AIP Recipe Collection Facebook Group, and I’m always quick to shut the conversation down because it typically turns into a debate or a sales pitch from someone trying to grow their network. That said, I don’t want to leave you hanging on the topic and will provide my take on the topic here. (NOTE: I do not sell essential oils and I am in no way affiliated with any essential oils companies.)
Let me begin by saying that I have absolutely no doubt about the power of essential oils! I LOVE them and wholeheartedly agree that they can have a huge impact on our health. My husband I have personally seen the benefits in our lives using them for inhalation, aromatherapy and topical application.
It’s really only when it comes to the topic of ingesting essential oils that I really get a little worked up.
In my opinion there are too many folks out there selling essential oils and recommending them as “safe for internal use” and claiming that you simply need to make sure they’re 100% pure or food grade quality. I beg you please, consider factual research by completely independent, third-party outsiders rather than the opinions of someone trying to sell you essential oils – that is the only way you will get an honest answer about whether this practice is truly safe or not.

When I first began using essential oils, I avoided the big multi-level marketing companies – first, because of the price of their oils and secondly because I wanted a real education about essential oil and not just a superficial understanding of what to use in a diffuser, cleaning or personal products. In my research, I came across Aromahead Institute and quickly realized that these folks are the real deal, and I don’t hesitate to refer people to them for sound advice.

Internal Use/Ingestion

The following is a compilation of snippets from my research on the topic of essential oils for internal use/ingestion (click each link to read the full source article).  Let me lead with this spoiler alert from Dr. Sarah Ballantyne:

“If its from an edible thing that you want the benefits from,
just eat the thing!”

“Internal use requires knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and the chemistry of essential oils. Oils should be used via the skin and inhalation until you understand the potential interaction of drugs and essential oils, know the safe oils to use (the safety issues are different for skin and internal use), and know the right dose and route of application appropriate for internal use.  Internal use also requires an understanding of pharmacokinetics–effects of the body on the oil, how the body metabolizes the oil and eliminates it, and what organs might be effected.  It sounds complicated because it is—and that’s why we don’t widely recommend internal use.”
  • Safely ingesting certain essential oils is wrought with caveats and debate, and it’s not recommended without guidance from a trained herbalist. “The whole purpose of distilling the aromatic components [from plants] was because we wanted to capture their smell,” says Amy Galper, aromatherapist and co-founder of the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies. “We understood the power of aroma [to affect] our mind, our spiritual life, and our physical health.” Ingesting, therefore, is outside of boundaries of essential oils’ intended use—enough reason to proceed with caution.  … Essential oils may be natural, but that doesn’t mean they’re inherently safe. “The molecules and chemical constituents that make up essential oils are irritating to mucous membrane tissue,” Galper says. Swallowing essential oils can burn the mucosa in your mouth, esophagus, gut lining, and beyond in the digestive tract.
  • Dr. Lin says, “I usually caution people against taking it orally is because it’s a really strong medicine…You can take too much, too quickly without realizing it. And that can become toxic. Nausea, stomach pain and neurological discomfort like nerve pain and numbness can also occur, especially if you take too much. Like any kind of medicine, it can affect different people in different ways, too.”
  • Moral of the story: It’s possible to ingest essential oils safely, but it’s complex and should always be done under the guidance of a trained herbalist.  A professional will know which oils are safe and work with you to administer correct, non-toxic doses.

– Source:  Well and Good – An Aromatherapist & MD Weigh in on Essential Oils

  • Phytochemicals can be anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, anti-angiogenic (prevent the formation of blood vessels, great for fighting tumors), apoptosis (helps cells dies), anti-allergy, anti-mutagenic, anti-microbial, insect repellents, etc.
  • BUT they are cytotoxic: they rupture membranes and cause cells to die. So they ARE NOT SPECIFIC to bad microbes! They’ll kill your friends in your gut! NOT GOOD!
  • Terpenes are damaging to the liver. That’s also NOT GOOD!
  • They may also cause a leaky gut.
  • Drinking essentially oils is not a great idea.
  • There are some essential oil compounds that are more specific, and effective to kill influenza and E. coli, Staphylococcus, etc. BUT some kill the good’uns.
  • Ingesting is complicated! There are many interesting studies, but lots of pros and cons. We don’t know everything that these properties do!
  • If you want these effects, just eat the whole food! 
  • Only use oral consumption with the supervision of a doctor who knows what they are doing.
  • The science is not very strong for most purported benefits (of ingestion). Most papers indicate that we need more research. But, really, if its from an edible thing that you want the benefits from, just eat the thing.

– Source:  The Paleo Mom Podcast – What’s the Deal with Essential Oils

You should bear in mind that essential oils effect every person very differently (whether they are use in aromatherapy, topically or orally) – they are very individualized and can be dangerous – and as with everything we inhale, ingest or apply to our skin there is NO one-size-fits all approach. That said, you should PERSONALLY consult an herbalist or your medical professional before you decide if ingesting essential oils is right for you. Simply finding information online that indicates it’s safe to use this oil or that oil is not wise for the reasons outlined in the references above.

Aromatherapy & Topical Use

Okay, so if it’s not advisable to use essential oils internally is there any point discussing the topic any further for our purposes on the AIP? Yes, absolutely! There are so many  aromatic and topical uses of essential oils to help support your AIP journey – relief of stress, pain, headaches, digestive discomfort, improvement of mood, skin conditions and more – that I could never hope to share them all with you. 

My use of essential oils began out of desperation with my husband’s migraine headaches. He was taking migraine medication EVERY day for a long stretch of time and was finding no relief. Add to that his debilitating chronic pain and fibromyalgia – not a good scenario. It was at that point that I started my research into essential oils, attended a few webinars and took some online courses with Aromahead Institute. I started slowly at first, simply using an ultrasonic diffuser with peppermint essential oil for him or having him use a homemade inhaler, and then branched out into some specifics for his condition which really helped.

Your next questions is probably – what did you use to help him with is fibromyalgia? What else helps with migraine headaches?  Since I’m not an herbalist or aromatherapy specialist I’m simply going to suggest this amazing reference book that can help you – it’s my go-to encyclopedia for all things essential oils! Grab a copy of “The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy” by Valerie Ann Worwood – click here.

Digestive Upset

Since many on the AIP suffer with digestive upset, this may be an area you want to consider incorporating essential oils like ginger, tarragon, peppermint, clove and oregano – but, if not by ingestion, how? 

Essential oils contain plant-based chemical constituents responsible for the powerful healing benefits. Those compounds trigger a response in your nervous system, sending signals to your brain. These signals can include calming and soothing the intestinal tract, or stimulating digestion by encouraging parasympathetic activity. Each oil is different, but just a few drops of any essential oil makes a BIG impact.

There are two ways to use essential oils to support a healthy digestive system:

1. Aromatically. When used in your diffuser, or just inhaled out of the bottle, the vapors carry active chemical molecules into your body through the nose. They stimulate the olfactory nerve, located in the nasal cavity. This nerve contains fibers that send signals directly to your central nervous system – the system by which digestion is governed. 

2. Topically. Your skin absorbs everything that you put on it. When applied as a rub, lotion or in massage the active compounds found in essential oils enter your bloodstream to support the digestive system. Remember to always dilute essential oils (click here for information about that) in coconut or sweet almond oil. I find it very convenient using roller bottles for the purpose of topical application and love having a number of blends prepared and ready to go.

Digestive Relief Massage &  DIY Blend

Click here for a Digestive Belly Rub Blend from my trusted resource, Aromahead Internation. Note, however that you may want to omit the cardamom in the elimination stage of the AIP, just to err on the side of caution.

When using the massage oil blend, start at the belly button, apply the diluted oil and then gently massage into the skin using an upward circular motion (apply gentle pressure with the pads of your fingertips, circling to the right). This can also be done on the back, over the liver and stomach. 

Quality Oils

As you are likely aware, there are many options out there for essential oils, and prices vary dramatically! I personally will not use the extremely high priced oils offered by the two multi-level marketing companies that quickly come to mind, and I won’t affiliate or sell these products because I firmly believe that people can find exceptional quality oils that are much more reasonably priced. NOW, I’m not saying go out and buy cheap oil – FAR from it – if it’s cheap, it’s likely not good quality or upon further investigation you may find that it’s “fragrance oil” – so beware! I personally choose to purchase my individual oils from Ki Aroma – their products are exceptional and their prices are reasonable but also reflect their quality. I don’t opt for their blends, as I choose to make my own and find creating my own blends more economical.


Essential oils are very personalized. What works for one might not for another, and I have found throughout the course of my own health challenges I have become tolerant or intolerant to various oils along the way.

Ingesting essential oils is NOT recommended.

There are lots of amazing health benefits that come from inhalation and topical application – explore and enjoy these options on the AIP!

The bottom line – educate yourself and use with caution and awareness.