What About Tea on the AIP?

Tea cup and journal

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Tea for Two?

There’s been some confusion around tea and caffeine and the AIP, so let’s clear things up, shall we?

According to Autoimmune Wellness in their article What’s IN and What’s OUT on AIP? Answers to Tricky Foods (click the link to read the whole article):

Caffeinated Tea (Green or Black)

AIP is a coffee-free, but not a caffeine-free protocol. Green and black teas can be consumed, but due to the caffeine it’s generally advised to drink them earlier in the day and in moderation. It is also important to read labels carefully, as many teas have soy lecithin or other additives (or toxins) that are avoided on AIP. If adrenal fatigue is part of your health picture, you’ll want to work to eliminate caffeine entirely.

VERDICT: Caffeinated teas are elimination-phase legal.

Rooibos Tea — Again, rooibos is part of the larger legume family, but gets a pass. In this case, we only consume the leaves. It should be noted that, like carob, it is recommended to consume rooibos tea in moderation.

VERDICT: Rooibos tea is elimination-phase legal.

What About The Caffeine?

If this makes no sense to you because we have to give up coffee on the AIP, you’re likely thinking that coffee is given up because of its caffeine content – am I right? Well, it’s time to clear that misconception up too! Coffee is eliminated because it is a seed, not because of the caffeine, so be sure to read more about that in my post “Kicking the Coffee Habit,” and in Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s – The Autoimmune Protocol – the guidebook EVERY AIP-er should own!

Still Confused?

If you’re still a little overwhelmed by all this, the best bet is to stick to true herbal teas that are derived from leaves or flowers instead of seeds and pods – think peppermint, chamomile, spearmint, lavender, etc. Ginger is a great option if it’s truly made from ginger and not flavors – in fact, quality and ingredients are important, so keep reading!

There are several recipes to make your own herbal teas from scratch (not difficult at all) posted in our Facebook Group – just try the search feature there – search tea or herbal tea.

What Brands Are Best?

Immune Supporting Pique Tea, Coupon Code, AIP Recipe CollectionAs mentioned above you’ll need to watch ingredient lists, and you’ll want to search for the best clean brands of tea on the market. It’s difficult for me to include a list for you as companies can change their products at any given time, but I trust the brands that our affiliate shop carries – check out the offerings at Fully Healthy (formerly Shop AIP) by clicking here. Pique Tea is a very well respected brand that prides themselves on the highest quality teas – you can read my post about Pique Tea here and how it fits into your AIP healing journey, or shop directly with our affiliate link by clicking here and SAVE 5% OFF EVERY Order with Coupon Code: AIP5.

As always, the onus is on you to do a little research so you avoid GMO products and pesticide laden products – some use cornstarch in their bags and some contain soy and “natural” or artificial flavors – these are ingredients to stay clear of! Watch for certified organic products and check for sneaky non AIP ingredients and spices.