rustic piggy bank - AIP on a budget

Is it possible to do the AIP on a budget?

I won’t lie, it’s a challenge and you have to choose your battles when you’re doing the AIP and trying to stick to a budget.

My number one piece of advice for all things AIP … KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Don’t try to get fancy with complicated AIP Recipes, baking treats and using unfamiliar ingredients.

Since there are already great articles on this topic I won’t reinvent the wheel, but in a nutshell you’ll be concentrating on simple meat and veggies with a focus on nutrient density. You’ll learn you need to prioritize, meal plan, batch cook and avoid wasting ingredients by using crafty, delicious recipes.

Delve into the following resources and learn that budgetary restrictions really don’t need to cramp your style on the AIP.

Great Resources from Autoimmune Wellness

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Other Resources

Tips for Following AIP on a Budget 

Looking for AIP ingredients?  Visit our Food Sourcing page for reliable AIP shops. Looking to save money? … of course you are! Grab some coupons here!