Let me begin by saying the recipe portion of this website is going to be a bit of a work in progress.  That may seem odd since I call this the AIP Recipe Collection, but let me explain.

This website came about when I saw a real need for a searchable list of reliable AIP resources in our Facebook Group.  Sure you can visit all of the websites that I used to list in our Group Resources section and search for answers there, but if you’re anything like I was when I first started out you’re exhausted, brain fogged and overwhelmed.

Since I feel it’s vital that people understand what the AIP is all about before they begin, or as they’re transitioning, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time making this website a thorough compilation of reliable AIP resources first and foremost. Eventually you’ll just be able to find a selection of recipes here on the website as well … I promise!

… Continued

That said, I’m not about to let you go hungry!  I have thousands of recipes  currently housed in the AIP Recipe Collection Facebook Group – it’s what I like to call the “Ultimate Google for AIP Recipes.”

I invite you to join the group – it’s completely searchable for recipes, and I dish out daily inspiration to keep you inspired to stick to your AIP healing journey.

Once your membership is accepted there, you can use the search function to find whatever you’re craving … and you’re likely to get several results … all AIP elimination stage compliant or with notes that tell you how to make that happen.  How cool is that?

You’ll easily find great recipes and quickly be able to determine from member comments whether the recipe is a hit or a flop.

Ready to get searching for AIP Recipes?  Join us in the AIP Recipe Collection Facebook Group.

If you’re more of a cookbook kind of person, there are several great options … keep scrolling.


Looking for something tangible that you can hold in your hand?  Or something you can download to your computer or mobile device?  Check out this amazing selection of AIP Cookbooks … so many recipes … so little time!

Simply click on each image to learn more ➡

AIP Autoimmune Protocol ebook The BEST resource for the AIP
AIP Indian Adventure
AIP Indian Fusion Cookbook -
AIP Instant Pot
AIP Made Simple Cookbook
AIP One Dish
The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook
Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook,
The Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction Cookbook
The Autoimmune Solution Book
Freezer Cooking for AIP
The Gut Health Cookbook
He Won't Know It's Paleo Cookbook for AIPers
Healing Eats
The Healing Kitchen Book
Holiday AIP Recipes
AIP Cookbook
Latin American Paleo
Meal Prep Cookbook
The Nutrient Dense Kitchen Cookbook
Paleo Approach Cookbook
Simple French Paleo
AIP Italian Cookbook

Everything you need …

Meal Planning

Failing to plan is planning to fail.
Success on the AIP is easier when you have a few good tips, tricks and tools under your belt.

Food Sourcing

Sourcing AIP ingredients can be tricky, but we’ve got you covered!
Check out our shopping and brand recommendations.

AIP Convenience

Being on the AIP is not exactly what most would call convenient, but thankfully  there are some wonderful options!


Big lifestyle changes and health challenges can be overwhelming.  Some find the process much easier with proper coaching and medical guidance.


Self care is about taking proper care of yourself, taking the time to do some of the activities that nurture you, and treating yourself as kindly as you treat others.


Healing is a journey, not a destination.  Along the way we all need some motivation.
Here we’ll share motivation, stories of AIP healing and tips for success.