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“Strict” AIP is NOT a Life-Long Plan

The AIP is meant to be approached in stages – elimination, reintroduction and maintenance. Unfortunately, reintroducing foods often intimidates people and they get STUCK being STRICT AIP for too long (which is not healthy for body or mind), or on the flip side they’re too impatient and try to add foods back in too quickly.

It’s Personal
I know I’ve said this a few times but the AIP is meant to be a template, it’s a very personal eating plan and so too goes the topic of reintroductions.  For some, a 30 day of elimination stage is fine, for others it might take 60 or 90 days or much longer.  Bottom line, there’s no one right answer for everyone … it’s personal!!

My Functional Medicine Practitioner recommends not starting the reintroduction phase until you’re “symptom free” (or seen some huge improvements) … and obviously this varies by person and condition.

Your body needs time to “rest and digest” … “recover and repair” … basically, you need to be in an un-inflammed state before you try reintroducing foods, otherwise you may never really know what you’re sensitivities are.

Be Patient
Some may want to rush into reintros, but remember … slow and steady wins the AIP Race!

Be sure to follow a systematic plan of reintroduction when the time comes, including keeping a food and symptom journal.

Reintroduction Guides & Resources:

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