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Lovebird AIP Cereal Review & Recipe Round-Up

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Lovebird AIP Cereal AIPRecipeCollectionIf you haven’t heard yet, there’s a new AIP cereal in town! Meet Lovebird Cereal – it’s 100% AIP Elimination Stage Compliant and 100% AMAZING! And 20% of profits go to support childhood cancer research … walk about win-win-win!

This product is a game-changer for anyone with AIP kiddos … like cerealously … what have y’all been giving your AIP toddlers to munch on with Cheerios literally being off the table!?

What a treat to be able to enjoy a deliciously crunchy (and I do mean crunchy!) AIP cereal to your well-balanced AIP breakfast (you can use any of the 4 AIP Milk options on it – click here for more on that)! It’s also the perfect addition as a quick and easy crunchy topping to a healthy green smoothie bowl, or as an anytime snack … zero guilt – it’s a clean and healthy, gut-friendly option. 

Having tried all three, it was a challenge to choose a favorite, but Honey is the winner for me! Cinnamon was a close second when it comes to enjoying it solo, but unsweetened is wonderfully versatile for use as a breading or crunchy topping to casseroles and such – it’s what I use in my AIP Cereal-ously Crispy Baked Chicken Strips – be sure to give them a try!

There are honestly ooodles of amazing AIP recipes that use these yummy AIP “O’s” so I’ve rounded up a bunch of those below! BUT of course you’re going to want a coupon code so you can save on your purchases – am I right!? Use my coupon to save 10% off EVERY ORDER – there’s no expiry! It’s easy to remember – the code is “AIP10”

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About Lovebird

Lovebird has NOTHING to hide – all of the organic, nutrient-dense, whole food ingredients are clearly listed on the front of the package!

♥ Gluten-Free
♥ Dairy-Free
♥ Non-GMO
♥ Sweetened by Nature – No Refined Sugar or Stevia
♥ No “Natural” Flavors
♥ Nothing Fake!
♥ Perfect served with dairy-free milk like coconut milk, banana milk or tigernut milk (or nut milk if you’ve reintroduced them)

Lovebird cereal comes in three flavors – unsweetened, honey and cinnamon – and all are 100% AIP elimination stage compliant! 

Free of inflammatory ingredients and full of gut health boosting nutrition to support your family’s immunity.  In a perfect world, you could eat fresh whole foods but life is busy and sometimes you need some convenient options.  That’s why Parker created Lovebird foods “to clean up junk food”. 

And as if that weren’t enough, Lovebird donates twenty percent (20%) of net profits from the sale of all Lovebird products to nonprofits in support of charitable programming and research in the fight against pediatric cancer. ♥


AIPRecipeCollection.com lovebird cereal - apple pie bars

AIP Lovebird Cereal Recipes

My Easy AIP Recipes!

Chocolatey Cookie Clusters – No-Bake – Fast & Easy!
Chewy Apple Pie Cereal Bars
Cereal-ously Crispy Baked Chicken Strips 
Frozen Strawberry Delights

Lovebird AIP Recipe Round-Up:

Banana Cream Pie with Cereal Crust – use coconut oil not ghee
Campfire Banana S’mores – use homemade carob chips not chocolate chips and AIP Marshmallows (10% off Sweet Apricity with Code: AIPCollection) or make your own
Cereal Bars – use homemade carob chips not chocolate chips
Cereal Ice Cream Cake – use tigernut butter unless you’ve reintroduced sunflower seed butter and omit pumpkin seed topping
Chicken Nuggets (Air Fryer or Deep Fried)
Chocolate Cereal S’mores – use coconut oil not ghee, use AIP Marshmallows (10% off Sweet Apricity with Code: AIPCollection) or make your own, use homemade carob bars
Chocolate Covered Cereal Bars – use tigernut butter not almond, use homemade carob chocolate 
Chocolate Crispy Squares – use tigernut butter, homemade carob chips not chocolate chips 
Coconut Matcha Pie
Crispy Cereal Treats – use AIP Marshmallows (10% off Sweet Apricity with Code: AIPCollection) or make your own and homemade carob chips
Crunchy Cookie Cake Cereal Fudge Bars – use coconut oil not ghee, use an homemade AIP Baking Powder blend, use homemade carob chips/bar, use carob not cacao
Donut Cookies
Elivs Butter Jelly Crunch Nice Cream – use tigernut butter 
Graham Crackers
Granola – ensure dried fruits are unsulphured and do not contain non-compliant oils/preservatives/sweeteners
No-Bake Snack Bars – omit seeds, ensure dried fruits are unsulphured and do not contain non-compliant oils/preservatives/sweeteners
No-Bake Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake
No-Rice Crispy Treat “Sushi” – use tigernut butter not nut butter, use carob powder not cacao
Puppy Chow Mix – use tigernut butter and homemade carob chips
Samoa Cereal Bars – use tigernut butter not nut/seed butter, use homemade carob chips/bar
Strawberry Shortcake Puppy Chow

Lovebird Cereal Whole Food Ingredients AIPRecipeCollection.comIngredient FAQs

Cassava – Lovebird uses Organic Cassava Flour NOT grain or tapioca.  Industrialized grains and refined carbohydrates like corn, oats, wheat were clearly off the table because they cause inflammation that can damage the lining of your gut and stress your immune system. 

However, there was a decision of Cassava Root vs. Tapioca.  Cassava is meaningfully better but it’s 33% more expensive than tapioca.  So it’s a decision to use the best ingredient or the cheap ingredient – Lovebird will ALWAYS choose the best. 

Lovebird uses organic cassava because it uses the entire cassava root, meaning it is a whole food flour.  Unlike tapioca flour, cassava flour uses the entire root; so cassava keeps the fiber, protein, starch, vitamins, and minerals that would otherwise be lost in making tapioca flour.  Cassava flour is a good source of prebiotic fiber and is a rich source of nutrients compared to many other starches: vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, and folate. 

Some have asked about lead levels in the Cassava that Lovebird uses, so we want to assure you that 1) Lovebird tests for heavy metals and as of the time of writing uses Medallion Labs, 2) Lovebird selects suppliers that follow California’s Prop 65 guidelines (which is the leader in the USA) with third-party testing for heavy metals, and as mentioned above is certified USDA organic. They use a specific formula which you can learn more about here.  

Collagen – Lovebird uses grass-fed, pasture-raised collagen to help boost gut health and provide protein.  Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies and holds everything together.  The word collagen literally means “glue” in ancient Greek.  Collagen supplementation has been shown to improve bone, joint, tendon, skin, muscle, and cardiovascular health.  

Given the rise in popularity, not all collagen is created equal. Parker at Lovebird spent a lot of time researching suppliers and questioned their processing techniques to ensure that their collagen was effective and safely processed.  The collagen Lovebird uses is of the best quality and safest processing techniques they could find.  The collagen is from grass-fed and grass finished cows that have eaten nothing but grass and foraged their entire lives.  It is heavy metal tested, pasture-raised, Kosher, hormone free, pesticide free, Non-GMO, antibiotic free, RBGH-RBST free, and does not use any carriers or solvents.

Sweeteners – Lovebird uses nature to lightly sweeten – NOT science.  Honey is an ancient nutrient-rich superfood with healing properties.  Honey has anti-diabetic effects that help control blood sugar, antimicrobial properties that help kill bad bacteria, prebiotic properties that help boost gut health, and cardiovascular benefits that help reduce blood pressure.  You may walk around grocery stores and see claims of “made with real honey” don’t fall for that marketing “trick”.  In fact, products only need a very small amount of honey to use that claim.  When you check the ingredient label, you will find a whole gang of “sweeteners” that are actually driven the sweetness such as refined sugar, “natural” flavors, and natural/artificial high potency sweeteners. 

Refined sugars and artificial sweeteners drive inflammation and wreak havoc on your health making it easy to avoid using in the recipe.  However, “natural” flavors and “natural” high potency sweeteners sound innocent – right?  Not exactly and they are often FAR from “natural”.

Natural flavors are defined “as those that derive their aroma or flavor chemicals from plant or animal sources that are manipulated in a lab.  In short, they are engineered to not just replicate those “aromas or flavors” but amplify those sensations to trick your body to eat more.  Legally, a “natural” flavor can contain up to 20 different ingredients/chemicals/stuff.  Nobody really knows what’s in these “lab manipulated” chemistry experiments.

High potency sweeteners such as Stevia and Monkfruit are certainly better than refined sugar – BUT – Lovebird avoids them because they are a “trick”:

  1. Designed to trick your body: our bodies are not designed to handle calorie-free sweeteners.  Experiencing a sweet taste from a food that is not going to provide glucose disrupts our body’s sugar-handling process and damages our health.
  2. Created in laboratories: Lovebird prefers chef aprons to science lab coats.  Stevia/Monkfruit can contain many other ingredients to boost sweetness and fuel cravings.  
  3. Can cause digestive discomfort:  it’s very easy to consume too much given that it’s designed to trigger cravings but not satisfy them which can cause bloating and diarrhea.
  4. No real research on their effects: all of the above combined with limited to no research on the negative effects of Stevia causes Lovebird to stay away.