Coffee Beans and espresso

Coffee … the beloved morning elixir … nectar of the Gods for some!  So how will you ever kick the coffee habit when you begin the AIP?

First of all, a lot of confusion surrounds the topic of coffee and the AIP, so let’s quickly clear a few things up:

  • Coffee is a seed and is therefore eliminated in the early stages of the protocol along with other seeds
  • Coffee is not eliminated because of the caffeine
  • There are other options that many grow to enjoy!

Below are the best resources and alternative options I’ve complied for you so that you won’t be too overwhelmed.

Caffeine and Autoimmune Disease – This is an in-depth, scientific article by Dr. Ballantyne that discusses how caffeine affects the immune system.
Kicking the Coffee Habit – A little more basic, this article covers some commonly asked questions.
Six Alternatives to Coffee on the AIP – Some great information and advice for what else you can drink in place of coffee.

Take Me To The Recipes!

RECIPE:  AIP “Bulletproof” Style Dandelion/Chicory Coffee
RECIPE:  Dandelion Coffee

Now I’m sure you’re wondering where the heck you’re going to find chicory and dandelion … am I right?  Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered in our affiliate shop – visit Shop AIP and try the search feature.

Looking for more recipes?  Be sure to check our Facebook Group for lots more options.  Try searching “Latte” and “Coffee” or “Matcha” – you’ll be amazed how many inventive replacements there are.