Healthy AIP Resolutions

Healthy AIP Resolutions with the AIP Recipe Collection
As each New Year approaches my AIP Recipe Collection Facebook Group is inundated by requests from new members wanting to take control of their health.
Many have heard about the AIP but don’t know where to start. Others have tried the AIP and found it difficult sticking to it. Some have done it before and recognized the benefits, but slowly let things slide and they’re looking to do a re-set and need some fresh inspiration to keep them on track.
No matter which category you fall into, I know you’re here because you’re setting healthy resolutions for the new year … and I’m here to help!
If you’re completely new to the AIP or need a refresher, keep reading, there’s a lot of information to help you get started right on your healing journey. If you’ve “been there, done that” and are just looking for delicious daily inspiration, head right over to my searchable Facebook Group – just click here and be sure to answer all of the questions for admittance.

Where to Start?

You’ll find a lot of resources right here on my website, and I include a step-by-step series of posts for getting started – you can begin by clicking here – but be sure to check out my suggestions below to help with your healthy resolutions (many of the suggestions below are NOT included in the other posts).
Another thing I want to make sure I say before you get started … be kind to yourself! I have written a post about grief over illness and diagnosis – it’s a very real thing and your healing process depends on you understanding this. I hope you’ll take time to consider this – click here.

Top Resources

#1 – THE MAIN AIP RESOURCE BOOK – Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s The Autoimmune Protocol 
When I started the AIP I wasn’t sure which resource was THE right one! There was so much conflicting information out there that I was confused and didn’t buy anything for fear it was the wrong one. FEAR NO MORE Friends … this is THE one! This is the GOLD STANDARD elimination process for those wanting to embark on the AIP. It has all of the what’s and why’s of what we include and what we eliminate from our diet, and it covers everything from elimination to reintroduction. It’s available only as an e-book so that you get updates for free if the protocol is adjusted based on continuing research and medical studies. The e-book format is great because you can easily search your questions! Don’t like e-books? Take the pdf to your local office supply shop/printer and have them print it for you (in full or part – I just had the resource section of the book printed so I could make notes.)
Buy it as a stand alone book or grab The Paleo Mom Collection of e-books and save 20%! The bundle includes “Go to Bed” (quality sleep on the AIP plays a huge role) and “The Paleo Template” (our ultimate goal is to be a nutrivore with fewer restrictions with a more Paleo-style diet).
The AIP as presented in the book above remains the GOLD STANDARD for the autoimmune elimination diet. It is now also being referred to as AIP Core Elimination.  
While ongoing research has led to optional modifications that may be suitable for some, Dr. Ballantyne will NOT be updating the above book to include this modified elimination option. Her research as presented in the book is still valid and it remains the foundational core resource for the overall Autoimmune Protocol.
If you’re having a hard time starting, sticking to, or maintaining the Elimination Phase of the AIP because it feels too restrictive or inaccessible, you may want to try the AIP Modified Elimination first to see if you have an improvement in symptoms. If not, you may need to attempt the AIP Core Elimination (learn more about the two options and the reason for the update here).
#2 – THE AIP LECTURE SERIES – Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s In-Depth, Self-Paced Video Course
Learn everything you need to know about the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) from its creator in this self-paced online course! Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, is an award-winning public speaker, New York Times bestselling author, world-renowned health expert, creator of the AIP and founder of Nutrivore!

The AIP Lecture Series comprehensive course materials include:

  • 44 on-demand video lectures (totalling 18 hours) with printable slides
  • 6 FAQ videos (totalling 3 hours)
  • 60+ printable guides
  • action steps to help you go from theory to practice
  • daily self-discovery exercises to reinforce and refine implementation
  • recommended reading for every topic
  • interactive quizzes to test your knowledge
  • weekly Q&A with answers to over 60 questions, total

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RealPlans is one of the top resources I recommend for AIPers – it’s your perfect partner on the AIP – and WAY Better than some pre-set Meal Plan you can purchase from an AIP blogger! Why do I say that? Because with this app you get to choose meals YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO EAT! Not something that a random stranger put together for you! AND, it’s an app, a shopping list creator and it even keeps track of what you have on hand in your pantry! And did I mention it was created purposefully with AIPers in mind!?  It’s also COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE, so, if you have additional sensitivities you’re working with, it helps you navigate around those ingredients with ease.
SEE HOW IT WORKS – CLICK HERE!  You can also read my in-depth review by clicking here.
New Year’s resolutions often include exercise, and while that may feel a long way off for someone with chronic illness and fatigue, it is possible (but there’s no need to rush into it – remember – be kind to yourself).
SIGN UP FOR A FREE 7-DAY TRIAL or commit to a monthly, annual or group membership – you’ve got this!
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Following the AIP is about more than just diet and exercise – it’s a “lifestyle” protocol. Having the right mindset on your healing journey is imperative for success, and this book is filled with practical information, actionable steps and testimonials from people just like us who have harnessed the power of mindset to achieve more on their healing path.
If you’re already on the AIP, you might be looking to make the transition to a modified Paleo diet … aka your Personalized AIP!  If that’s the case, congratulations, that means you’re making progress on your healing journey – I’m so proud of you!  Reintroductions can feel a little scary, but I’ve got you! Check out my reintroduction post and the Reintroduction Cookbook by Kate Jay – it’s AMAZING!  It’s actually even beneficial for new AIPers, so grab a copy – you’re going to need it sooner or later!
The AIP Summit is an educational event held annually in January. The week-long program is devoted to the autoimmune protocol and is presented by AIP Certified Coaches. It features cooking demonstrations, deep dives into science or specific conditions, discussions about the impact of lifestyle factors, best practices for integrating AIP into life in the real world, and more.
You can watch for FREE daily, or sign up to receive month-long access for a small fee.

Recognize Your Obstacles!

Let’s face it, on the AIP you’re giving up a LOT, and that can be hard … but don’t psyche yourself out before you get started … your success depends greatly on your own mindset! Try to focus not so much on “elimination” but on “addition” – because there are a lot of amazing foods you can add to your diet for variety, flavor and nutrient density that you will likely come to enjoy very much.

TIP: Don’t focus on the popular question: “Will I ever get to eat my favourite foods again?” Take it one day at a time … You’ve Got This!

I hear you though, I know that giving up coffee, alcohol, chocolate, bread, nightshades and more is no small feat, so I’ve got you! I have resources, answers to FAQs, enjoyable substitutes and recipes to fill your bellies, and coupon codes and links to save you money too. To get started, check out the list of quick links below for some of the most common things I hear, and BE SURE to browse through the FAQ section of my site as well.

Shopping can be hard on the AIP – there’s a lot of label reading to be done! I’ve tried to make your journey easier and provide an abundance of food sourcing resources – click here.

Preparing Your Kitchen for the AIP
Food Lists
AIP Shopping on Amazon (for the USA, Canada and the UK)
Fully Healthy (formerly Shop AIP) – the ONLY Shop dedicated to the AIP!
AIP on a Budget
AIP Coupon Codes

Can I Cheat on the AIP?
Can I Do the AIP as a Vegetarian/Vegan?
Chocolate – Friend or Foe? (My favorite recipe for taming the chocolate cravings – Carob Avocado Mousse – be sure to use an AIP Milk option)
Kicking the Coffee Habit (The BEST coffee substitute – Sip Herbals – it actually tastes like coffee! Save 10% with Code: AIP10)
AIP Protein Powder
Surviving Social Life on the AIP
Alcohol & The AIP
AIP Snack Guide
Breakfast – this is a biggie that I get asked about ALL the time. There are probably hundreds of recipes posted in my searchable Facebook Group – click here to join.
Nightshades – I don’t have a post on them (yet) but I will share my favorite Faux-Mato Sauce Recipe with you! You c

The Truth Behind Forming Healthy Habits

It takes 21days to form a habit – really? If you’ve ever tried it, you know that’s just a myth. My training as a transformational coach confirms it .. there’s definitely more to it! Check out this amazing article by Dr. Ballantyne and set yourself up for success!  Click here to read the full article. 

Be realistic and prepare for setbacks – they’re inevitably going to happen, but they don’t need to derail you. Be sure to check out this amazing article by Angie Alt – 10 Tips for Staying On The AIP Wagon.

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