Paleo Approach Cookbook

The Paleo Approach Cookbook by AIP & Paleo Guru Dr. Sarah Ballantyne.

“The Paleo Approach Cookbook is the National bestselling companion cookbook to The Paleo Approach! The Paleo Approach Cookbook is over 400 pages and includes over 200 recipes, all strict autoimmune protocol (AIP), and lots of resources (over 100 pages worth!) to help you be successful in the kitchen while you tackle the diet recommendations in The Paleo Approach. With such a huge number of recipes (that each include cook time, prep time, servings, tips, variations, nutrition facts, FODMAP alerts), as well as hundreds of recipe variations, there’s something for everyone! The Paleo Approach Cookbook also includes a summary of the diet, cooking guides, kitchen How-Tos, shopping lists, food storage guides, kitchen tool essentials, cooking glossary of terms, time management strategies, how to read labels, recipe Top Ten, alphabetical Yes-No-Maybe-So list of foods, 6 one-week meal plans (two of which are low-FODMAP) and MORE!”

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