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Coffee … the beloved morning elixir … nectar of the Gods for some!  So how will you ever kick the coffee habit when you begin the AIP?

First of all, a lot of confusion surrounds the topic of coffee and the AIP, so let’s quickly clear a few things up:

  • Coffee is a seed and is therefore eliminated in the early stages of the protocol along with other seeds
  • Coffee is not eliminated because of the caffeine
  • There are other options that many enjoy!

Below are the best resources I’ve compiled on the topic so you won’t bee too overwhelmed, but I’m also about to make life REALLY easy for you!  

The BEST Coffee Substitute We’ve Ever Met!

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a coffee drinker – it’s too hard on my tummy – so this was one hurdle I never had to overcome on my AIP journey! My hubby however is a bit of a coffee snob, and any time I try to get him off the stuff it’s met with a flat NO-WAY, NOT HAPPENING! You see, he’s tried lots of the old coffee alternatives that never came close to tasting like coffee, so he’s pretty closed minded about it all.

That said, I’m happy to introduce you to a product that passes my coffee snob’s standards – Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute! It’s honestly the closest thing to coffee we’ve ever tried and members of my private AIP Recipe Collection FB Group concur.

All four flavors (regular, mocha, salted caramel and dirty chai – and seasonal offerings) are AIP elimination stage compliant, organic, non-GMO and caffeine free! I’m so excited about this product that as soon as I tried it, I knew I had to partner with them. Visit my partner’s shop for complete details and enjoy a 10% discount off EVERY order you place with my exclusive discount code “AIP10” – click here to shop.

Wait, what? Caffeine free … I hear you saying it … you need your caffeine boost! If that’s the case, check out the amazing option below.

Coffee vs. Matcha infographicMeet Matcha!

Need another reason beyond your AIP healing journey to switch to matcha? Check out the differences between tea and coffee’s caffeine kick. 

  • Tea Caffeine is a time-released energy source. The caffeine in tea binds to catechins, creating a larger compound that takes longer to break down in your body. This means that tea caffeine is actually released in microdoses of 4-6 hours vs. coffee, which is an intense jolt that quickly fades. (Compare this with coffee, which gives you an intense jolt that quickly fades, often leaving you jittery with craving-inducing cortisol spikes – aka stress response and inflammation – yikes!)
  • Tea Caffeine is tempered by tea’s natural calming agent, l-theanine, that works on your brain waves to help you stay alert, chill and focused. Even those who are sensitive to caffeine’s effects might find that l-theanine helps smooth out any of the rough edges.
  • There’s evidence that the polyphenols in quality tea can improve your gut microbiome – and we all need that on the AIP!

Sun Goddess Matcha Green Tea, Pique Tea, Coupon Code, AIP Recipe Collection

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all matcha and tea is created equal!

I encourage you to read more about  Tea on the AIP (by clicking here), more about Matcha and Green Tea (by clicking here) and more about Why I Choose Pique Tea (by clicking here) – it’s the TOP quality tea option for a healthy AIP Lifestyle. ♥

Learn more about Pique Tea on their website – click here – you’ll find additional testimonials from health experts there as well.

Pique is my FAVORITE matcha! The flavor is exceptional and I enjoy it as an easy Matcha Green Tea Latte made with additive-free coconut milk and a little honey – YUM!


Caffeine and Autoimmune Disease – This is an in-depth, scientific article by Dr. Ballantyne that discusses how caffeine affects the immune system.
Kicking the Coffee Habit – A little more basic, this article covers some commonly asked questions.
Six Alternatives to Coffee on the AIP – Some great information and advice for what else you can drink in place of coffee.

Take Me To The Recipes!

RECIPE:  AIP “Bulletproof” Style Dandelion/Chicory Coffee
RECIPE:  Dandelion Coffee

Now I’m sure you’re wondering where the heck you’re going to find chicory and dandelion … am I right?  Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered in our affiliate shop – visit Fully Healthy (formerly Shop AIP) and try the search feature, or try my AIP Amazon Storefronts – USA / Canada / UK 

Looking for more recipes?  Be sure to check our Facebook Group for LOTS more options.  Try searching “Latte” and “Coffee” or “Matcha” – you’ll be amazed how many inventive replacements there are.