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Managing a restricted diet while travelling is a hot topic.  Thankfully there are plenty of resources to help you make your next trip a success.  Below you’ll find a collection of great tips and tricks for how to stick to the AIP when you’re away from home.  What ever you do don’t leave home without preparing … you can’t count on finding AIP compliant food on your travels.


“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”


If you’re living in the USA and you’re road-tripping or travelling for work or pleasure but don’t want to have to cook and prep all of your own AIP meals, you should consider Paleo On The Go.  This high-quality meal delivery service is used by many AIPers to help keep them sane and give them a little break for vacations, travel or even those times when you just don’t feel up to cooking.  Read more in our dedicated blog post or jump right in and place your order – just click the the image to go to their site.

Looking for more great convenience foods to pack for your travels, visit our Food Sourcing page for lots more great ideas and reliable AIP shops – in this case, be sure to check out Wild Zora (they have some very tasty free-dried AIP stews, soups, instant no-oatmeal, meat bars, etc.), Serenity Kids food pouches make great snacks for kids AND adults, and of course Fully Healthy (formerly Shop AIP) (I’ve got discount codes for you – visit the Coupons page).

You can find more ideas and discounts in my AIP Snack Guide – click here, and be sure to check out my AIP Amazon Storefronts too – you’ll find snacks, pantry items and sustainable living options for your travels, like stainless steel bento box sets, electric lunch boxes and so much more!  Shop Here: USA / Canada / UK

Self-Catered Vacations:

Since I went gluten-free many years ago I’ve found vacations much more enjoyable when I know I’m in complete control of my food.  One way we do that is to take self-catered vacations.  You can read more about this on our travel blog – What’s Your Holiday Style? ❀ All-Inclusive ❀ Hotels & Restaurants ❀ Self-Catered ❀ and an early article I wrote about Travelling with Food Allergies.  I really do need to write a dedicated post about travelling while on the AIP … one day!

For us, Airbnb, Booking.com and Cottage Rentals have been a life saver!  Having a fully equipped comfortable kitchen in our own little cottage or apartment makes all the difference in the world … and we’ve enjoyed travelling in Canada, USA, the Caribbean and Europe all while sticking to my restricted diet. 

I’ve also found a very helpful group on Facebook that you may want to consult for some details and suggestions on various destinations – Allergy Travel Groups helped me a lot when it came to taking food on the plane for International travels, and they’re helpful for lots of suggestions!

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You guessed it, try our searchable Facebook Group – click these quick links for #onthego #travel #snacks to get started. Sign up here, and try searching for specific recipes such as fat bombs, muffins, meatballs, jerky, granola, etc. You’ll even find campfire bananas, s’mores and more – The options are endless!