Cast Iron Frying Pan with Bacon

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What Kind of Bacon is Best on the AIP?

When I first started AIP I was a little shocked my how many recipes seemed to call for bacon.  While I’m a bacon lover, finding a fully AIP compliant bacon can be a little tricky, so I often get questions about recommended brands or what to look for on labels.

Tips For Buying AIP Compliant Bacon:

  1. Watch out for nightshades! Some bacon contains nightshades in the form of spices (like pepper and paprika).
  2. Watch out for preservatives and additives! Most brands contain sodium phosphates, sodium erythorbate or sodium ascorbate which we avoid on the AIP.
  3. Nitrates/Nitrites are the reason we worry about our bacon ingredients. Most forms of nitrates/nitrites are basically preservatives and they can be artificial (cured) or natural (in the form of sea salt or celery juice (uncured)). Natural forms of nitrates/nitrites like celery juice are okay.
  4. Antibiotic Free & Humanely Raised! You are what your food eats … so this is important! Most pigs are raised in horrible conditions and eat lots of grain and soy and are injected frequently with growth hormones and antibiotics. Watch your labels for “free-from” and “humanely raised” designations.
  5. Dextrose – Many varieties of bacon add sugar in the form of dextrose – you don’t want that! Brands using honey or maple syrup are a-okay!
  6. What about sugar-cured bacon? It’s important to understand sugar’s role in the curing process so you don’t get confused when reading labels. Sugar’s role in the bacon curing process is to feed beneficial bacteria. In a quality sugar-free, sugar-cured bacon, there’s usually no sugar left by the time it hits your plate and the label will read 0 grams of sugar. So then, if the bacon was cured naturally using sugar, lists 0 grams of sugar and contains no artificial ingredients or spices beyond salt, you’re fine.

IDEALLY you want to find bacon that contains only: pork, water, salt, celery juice and possibly other AIP compliant seasonings (check your food lists if you need to verify ingredients).

Where to Buy AIP Complaint Bacon:

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The Other Option – Make Your Own!

Yup – believe it or not, it’s quite easy to make your own bacon! There are a few different methods, so check out the options in our Facebook Group – just search DIY Bacon!