In Case of Emergency

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How to Manage the AIP in an Emergency

Whether you live in an area prone to tropical storms, earthquakes and wildfires or not, this post is important for anyone on a restricted diet. (Note, you may also want to read my article on the AIP & COVID-19 for more advice and support)

Wait! What are we talking about here? This topic could easily be misconstrued by readers, because let’s face it, an emergency when you’re on the AIP could simply mean having no energy to cook or to go to the grocery store! Keep reading … some of these emergency tips and suggested rations to have on hand could be a different kind of “life saver” when you’re worn out or in a rush.

Now … Back to our regularly scheduled PSA!

Most governments these days suggest that folks keep a “Go Bag” or “Bug Out Bag” and that they have emergency rations on hand in the event of power outages or emergency evacuations. Do you take it seriously? Do you have a go-bag with emergency AIP food you can safely eat?

As with everything on the AIP, preparation is key, so I’m hoping this post will help you to prepare in advance so you won’t experience additional stress in the case of an emergency.

Below is a list of some AIP rations I suggest keeping on hand at all times along with your family’s standard rations like water, first aid kits, a change of clothing, etc. There are lots of great Bug Out Bag prep lists on the internet – use Google to find a list of essentials suitable for your location and family.

Advice from an AIP Authority

The following is from an Instagram post Angie Alt shared a while back. If you don’t already follow her, you should – she’s awesome! I love her funny and sometimes pointed posts, and in her usual style she nailed this topic too. ♥ Here’s what she wrote:


In an emergency situation you just do whatever is necessary to be safe. Period.
AIP can be an important component of your long-term health with autoimmune disease, but short-term safety beats AIP every time. Life has hierarchies.

I’m sharing this message today because over the last several years leading SAD to AIP in SIX groups we’ve had members go through all kinds of natural disasters. I wanted anyone in our community preparing for or evacuating ahead of Hurricane Florence to hear it from an “AIP Authority” that your best is good enough right now and you and your family’s safety is priority number one .. 100%

That said, here are some resources that might help should any of you need them.

AIP Hurricane Prep – Video

Thank you @wendisaipkitchen – Sending the best vibes for safety and little to no damage for all the folks facing this right now. The AIP community is thinking of you. ♥

Recommended Emergency Rations


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Meat Snacks
Bone Broth, Soups & Stews

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Since I know a lot of folks shop on Amazon, I’ve gone to great lengths to set up my own shops with AIP compliant items to make your life a lot easier! As always, check ingredient lists (I have before I added them to my recommendations, but products change from time to time, so always be safe!).

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