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So what’s the deal with palm oil?

  • Is it AIP compliant?  Yes.
  • Is it a controversial ingredient?  Yes.
  • Should we use it?  The answer to that question is up to you.

Since there’s much controversy about palm oil, sustainability and the endangerment of orangutans in the rain-forests where it’s harvested, you might wonder why there are so many AIP dessert recipes call for it.  With it’s creamy consistency it becomes an obvious substitute for butter .. and sometimes there’s no other alternative.  You’ll find it in recipes for AIP frostings, fudges and other decadent treats, but since these are only to be consumed in moderation you may be able to avoid palm oil all together.

That said, there are some arguments that palm oil is a very nutritious cooking oil option, and that it can be grown and harvested sustainably.  Not wanting to open up a debate however, I’ll simply stick to the facts and you can find some valuable resources below.

As a huge animal lover I will encourage you to consider sustainability when making buying decisions – for suggested brands vist our affiliate shop and read more below.


Palm Oil .. Red Palm Oil .. Coconut Oil .. What’s the difference?