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In light of the current situation with the COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic I felt compelled to write a little encouragement post .. I think we could all use one about now. 

If you’re like me, you’re likely feeling a little overwhelmed, intimidated and on edge with all of the information that’s flooding your in-boxes, streaming across your T.V. screen and saturating every social media feed you subscribe to. So with that, I want to offer a little support and grounding. I’m not here to teach you how to wash your hands or tell you to stop hoarding toilet paper (I think you’re all big girls and boys and have plenty of access to information on these topics) … I’m here to encourage you and help you find gratitude as an AIPer. I know that sounds absolutely bonkers, but we honestly do have good reason to cheer and pat ourselves on the back at this point!
  1. We’re already concentrating on our health. Eating a clean diet and supporting our immune system is what we do on the AIP, so I’m looking at this as being ahead of the curve. (Score 1 for AIPers!)
  2. When you visit the grocery store there are lots of amazing foods that we’re already accustomed to using but others might be passing by (Hello cassava root, plantains, jicama, all varieties of sweet potatoes, kale, marrow bones, liver, offal, chicken necks, backs and feet … we love you and are happy to take you home and call you our own!)
  3. We’re already familiar with batch-cooking, meal prepping, freezer cooking and how to make things like bone broth so we can get the most out of our food budget, prepare in advance and not let precious ingredients go to waste .. everyone else has to figure that stuff out and come to grips with home-cooking. Meanwhile we just keep on keeping on .. and maybe even get to relax with a little self-care.
  4. As AIPers we’re already working on prioritizing stress reduction, sleep and appropriate exercise in our lives … again, we’re ahead of the curve as others are just now considering it might be a good idea to incorporate these things in an effort to stay healthy.
  5. Knowledge is power and as an AIPer I bet you have way more knowledge about how to support your immune system and specific condition than the average person does about how to avoid the common cold! We’re also aware of where we can find quality advice and information about how to protect ourselves, so we’re saving vital time and energy while others scramble to find answers. That’s win, win, win … so many I’m losing track!
  6. Quality ingredients and dedicated AIP products are readily available and are WAY healthier than the packaged “junk” that most people are out there stocking their pantries with (and we already know where to find them). We’re so very fortunate that so many creative AIPers have come before us and created such wonderful conveniences.
  7. Being anti-social is finally socially acceptable!  While I know it’s not healthy to isolate ourselves, we’re again in a position where we’re ahead of the curve … we could hibernate for months and not go stark raving mad like the rest of them will .. we’ve been in training for this for our AIP life! (I thought you could use a little humor – hope I wasn’t wrong)
  8. You’re here where you can be inspired daily to eat healthy and stick to your autoimmune healing goals and stay as healthy as possible! I’m grateful you’re here … it brings me joy to know that I’m helping others remain positive during difficult times and I hope you find health, healing and happiness in this group. 
While I could probably go on for a lot longer about reasons to have an attitude of gratitude, I’m going to move on to some practical tips
  • RECIPES! You guessed it – don’t forget to use the group search in our AIP Recipe Collection Facebook Group – there are LOTS of AIP elimination stage recipes posted that will help you support your immune system, stay healthy or help you when you’re not feeling well. Use the group search for things like #undertheweather #sick #flu #cough, bone broth, etc. Instructions for how to use the group search can be found here.
  • GROCERIES – Yes, this may become a challenge in the days ahead, but there are many stores offering delivery or pick up options and even special hours for the elderly and those at risk (usually first thing in the morning after the store has been sanitized) – check your local area for what’s available. I also recommend checking Facebook Buy and Sell groups, there are some reputable farmers out there offering Grower’s vegetable boxes for delivery or pick up, and some are selling at road-side stands. Of course, Amazon is a great resource for a lot of pantry items as well.
    1) I trust Dr. Ballantyne’s Autoimmune Protocol and her advice on this situation so I simply want to share the article here for your knowledge without further discussion. Natural Approaches to the Cold & Flu” 
    2) Autoimmune Wellness Podcast “COVID-19 Autoimmune Wellness Emergency Pod” and “How to AIP During a Pandemic”
    (NOTE: Just so as not to confuse anyone that may be new to the AIP – Not all of the suggestions in the podcast are 100% elimination stage AIP – these ladies are feeding others in their family that aren’t AIP and they’re promoting the idea that we can’t do the AIP perfectly during crisis times – do the best you can)
  • INSTAGRAM – You can follow my feed on Instagram for a different kind of motivation where I sometimes share photos of my own meals, motivation, self-care and stress-relief tips and more.
  • PRODUCTS & DISCOUNTS: Below is a list of our affiliate products, services and shops to help make your AIP life a little easier – especially in cases like this.  Online shopping is a wonderful way to help us avoid germs, and we can shop with confidence from our trusted partners who are working diligently to help us all stay healthy.
    I will add new discounts as offers come out – our partners are being kind and generous at this difficult time.

Stay safe, stay home and healthy everyone!

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