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Confused About Fruit on the AIP?

Since we avoid sugars on the AIP, is fruit allowed?
In the beginning you may have a recommendation from your AIP Coach, Nutritionist or Functional Medicine Practitioner to avoid fruit, but for the most part it’s not forbidden on the AIP .. and we should make sure we’re eating enough!
Read more from the Paleo Mom and Autoimmune Wellness and decide for yourself what’s right for you.

I’m Confused About Fruit on the AIP – Could You Explain?

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Fruit and the Autoimmune Protocol

For the most up-to-date list of AIP fruits and foods and their order of reintroduction, my #1 recommendation will ALWAYS be Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s The Autoimmune Protocol book, as it’s the most comprehensive I’ve seen. Other than that, be sure to grab a food list or two by clicking here.