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When you start the AIP you’re likely going to read a LOT about bone broth and the gut healing powers it possesses.  You may even be told by your health coach, nutritionist or Functional Medicine Practitioner to start with a very limited diet that includes home made bone broth while you give your body a chance to heal.

For some this is a daunting thought – home-made broth, sourcing high-quality ingredient, the time involved … Yikes!  Don’t freak out though, it’s not really that hard, and there are excellent options below if you just can’t bring yourself to make your own.

This first article is excellent – Bone Broth FAQs – it covers many of the frequently asked questions) about bone broth.

  • What kind of nutritional benefits does bone broth offer?
  • What are the benefits of consuming a properly prepared bone broth?
  • Can I just buy broth from the grocery store?
  • Where do I get bones? (Grab a coupon below for U.S. Wellness Meats)
  • Do I have to get grass-fed or pastured bones, or organic bones?
  • Do I have to skim the fat?
  • Why do you add vinegar to the broth?
  • What do I do with my broth?
  • How should I store frozen bone broth?  (You can read my article here – Food Storage Basics)
  • ….. and SO MUCH MORE!

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What Is Bone Broth & What Are The Benefits?
Bone Broth FAQs

Troubleshooting Bone Broth

Is Bone Broth Risky Business?

Some have challenged bone broth and say it’s risky stuff.  Learn more from AIP expert, Dr. Sarah Balantyne – Paleo Mom, in her articles:

Broth: Hidden Dangers in a Healing Food?
Bone Broth Risks: Skim the Fat!

Bone Broth Recipes & Sourcing

Chicken Bone Broth
Fish Bone Broth
Beef Broth (Lamb can be used too)

Where do you get your bones? Quality matters! Be sure to buy the best quality bones you can afford (organic, grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone free) Check out US Wellness Meats and grab a discount! Get 15% Off with Code : AIPRECIPE

No Time for Bone Broth?

Many people tell me they just don’t have time to make bone broth or they just can’t stand the whole process.  Fortunately there are some options for quality bone broths that are AIP compliant.

Fully Healthy (Formerly Shop AIP) is our affiliate store and they carry lots of AIP compliant brands. They have upgraded their offerings to include products that are suitable for the reintroduction stage of the AIP, so be sure to use broth that’s right for your stage of the journey.  Follow this link and you’ll be taken to their selection of broth offerings. (Be sure to grab a coupon code from our coupons page.)

Paleo-on-the-Go offers bone broth among other amazing time-saving top-quality AIP meals that are delivered right to your door.  (Be sure to grab a coupon code from our coupons page.)

Vital Proteins offers the convenience of powdered bone broth … this stuff is seriously amazing!  You have the option of organic beef or chicken and it’s even available in single serve packets if you wish. (Note:  While not all Vital Proteins products are AIP compliant, you can be sure their bone broth is.)

Perfect Supplements carries powdered bone broth and so much more! (Be sure to grab a coupon code from our coupons page.)

Bare Bones offers top-quality, ethically sourced, super convenient pouches of bone broth that can be ordered online.  Unfortunately they’ve changed some of their recipes and they’re not AIP elimination stage compliant, so be sure to check the labels and only use the ones that are suitable for your stage of the AIP. (Be sure to grab a coupon code from our coupons page.)

Wild Zora offers DELICIOUS pre-made freeze-dried soups and stews! They don’t have plain bone broth but thought I’d recommend them here since so many that are prepping bone broth are using it to make their own homemade soups and stews or are looking for on-the-go convenience.
(Be sure to grab a coupon code from our coupons page.)