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UPDATE:  March 11, 2023 : Shop AIP has re-branded and moved to a new site called Fully Healthy. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts to make a seamless transition, there have been issues with links and coupon codes and I’m faced with a LOT of updates across social media and my website.

In order to future-proof things, I’m redirecting the links from my Facebook Group to this page. I apologize for the extra step/click, but I want to make sure our links and savings codes are always up to date and easily accessible.

If you’ve bookmarked the Shop AIP link previously, please update it with our new link!
(Shopping with our links helps me negotiate better offers for the whole group as they see the volume of orders. Thank you!)

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Coupon Code: AIPRecipe – saves you 10% off your first order

Fully Healthy Formerly Shop AIP - AIP Discount Shopping

Fully Healthy, formerly Shop AIP, is your one-stop shop for all the people in your life who are on specialized diets. Gluten-free, allergen-free, soy-free, you name it! You will still find all your AIP favorites, plus new products and brands.

  • Tired of reading labels to ensure the products you’re buying are AIP compliant?
  • Looking for some convenience items .. like cereal, waffle or pizza crust mix to make life just a little easier?
  • Searching for the best brands recommended by AIP bloggers and recipe creators?
  • Want to know about the latest, greatest AIP product on the market? 
Thankfully our friends at Fully Healthy (formerly Shop AIP) have us covered – it’s THE BEST shop for AIPers!
  • Everything is clearly marked as elimination stage compliant or for each of the reintroduction stages.
  • New Products are added regularly!
  • Sales … Yep stuff goes on sale here too!
Coupon Code: AIPRecipe – save 10% off your first order
I get this questions a lot! Shop AIP is located in the USA, and as of March 2023 their FAQ Page about Shipping states:
Do you offer international shipping?
We currently offer to ship to Canada and US only.
Historically, we’ve welcomed the opportunity to create loyal FullyHealthy customers around the world. Unfortunately, increased regulations regarding international food shipments post Covid-19, coupled with skyrocketing shipping costs no longer allow this to be a viable option. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and hope to reconsider our International shipping policies if/when market conditions improve.