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Simply AIP … Simply the Best Delivery!

“Because living with an autoimmune disease is hard…
Staying on the Autoimmune Protocol doesn’t have to be.”

This wonderful AIP Self-Care product is such a great way to keep motivated and on-track with your AIP Healing Journey, and I’m thrilled that Laura has included me to review and promote her product. (Thank you Laura!)

When you’re struggling every day, sometimes you just want someone else to take care of you and pamper you, and there’s truly nothing better than receiving a loving care package in the mail!

The founder of Simply AIP, Laura Whaley-Marrow, pours her love and positive energy into every Simply AIP subscription box and it really shows. Being an autoimmune sufferer herself, she knows just what we need to keep motivated and on-track with our healing journey – this isn’t just some pre-packaged pantry box that no one gave any thought to – it’s carefully crafted and packaged with care.

Every Simply AIP subscription box I receive makes me feel like I’m getting a big warm hug
from a far away friend just when I need it most!

More About Simply AIP!

  • Simply AIP is the first AIP-Friendly Surprise Subscription Box designed to help people with autoimmune disease live their best lives possible
  • BIG ON VALUE! You get way more than you’re paying for – contents are usually valued at over $60 when purchased separately, not to mention the exclusive savings codes you’ll receive inside the box
  • Each month the contents are a surprise, unless you happen to catch a teaser/preview on social media. Who doesn’t love a fun surprise!
  • I find getting a surprise delivered really picks up your spirits!
  • A monthly subscription box , or one-time offering. I find the monthly delivery very convenient, as it usually provides me with enough treats to keep me going until the next box arrives.
  • Simply AIP occasionally offers limited edition boxes (meat lovers, coconut free, self-care) and a la carte pantry and self-care items
  • Makes an amazing gift to yourself, to a loved one or something someone can buy for us! Let’s face it – we’re hard to buy for on the AIP!
  • Ideal for anyone on an AIP, Paleo, gluten-free or grain free diet, for folks with nut allergies, food sensitivities or anyone living a healthier lifestyle

What’s In The Box?

Taste-tested, carefully curated AIP-friendly items, including:

  • Grab and go snacks that you can eat on the run
  • Sweet treats that help you resist the sugar cravings
  • AIP pantry staples and a recipe or two to go with them
  • Self-care enhancers to further your healing journey – it could be anything from natural body care, natural make up samples, I even received the most beautiful wrap scarf in one of the winter boxes!
  • Coupons, promos and additional savings
  • You can check out past boxes to see if you think it’s right for you – just click here!

What are the Options?

  • Monthly with auto renewal – cancel any time
  • 3 Month Pre-Pay with auto renewal
  • 6 Month Pre-Pay with auto renewal
  • 12 Month Pre-Pay with auto renewal *BEST VALUE*
  • The more months you commit to the GREATER the SAVINGS!
  • Ships Worldwide! (Of course, shipping costs will vary depending on your location)

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